Begusarai 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Begusarai 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan goes to stop Dadda ji, Poonam stops him. Dadda ji asks his men to beat Lakhan. poonam hits the men with a rod. Dadda ji has roped Poonam and takes her towards the river. He says come I will send you to dadda ji today. Gunmen stop Poonam. Lakhan beats them down and runs to stop dadda ji. Dadda’s men grasps Poonam and Lakhan. Dadda ji shoves bindya from top of the mountain in the water. Poonam and Lakhan are shocked. dadda ji looks up and blows the trumpet. Dadda ji asks him men to release Poonam and Lakhan. He says I am done. Poonam sits there in distress.
Lakhan gets and runs towards the river, he jumps in. Poonam screams to stop him but he jumps. Poonam cries near the water. After a while Lakhan comes out alone. He nods in negative. Poonam cries and hugs him.

Bindya’s mom is calling her. She says where is bindya? Suddenly she drops milk. She says this a wrong sign. but thats all stupid. Bhanu comes in. She says you came on right time. I will give you lunch and we will go to Bindya’s place tomorrow. i don’t know where is she lost. Bhanu says amma we can never meet her now. She says why? Bhanu says those thakurs.. Amma says what he did He says in front of everyone Manohar humiliated her. He torn her sarri and made her walk in streets nude. Then he shoved her off the cliff in water. She breaks down in tears. She says they ate my daughter. Bhanu says don’t cry. they would be celebrating. We have to avenge Bindya’s death.

Dadda ji comes home and blows the trumpet. Dadda ji says Bindya’s curse is over now. I have killed her. Everyone is shocked and in tears. Dadda ji says why are you not celebrating? I have killed the enemy. Now one thing is left. My daughter will be cleaned now. Guddi will now eat this medicine after the pooja and that will erase the sin she is carrying in her womb. Everyone is dazed.

Precap-Dadda ji says to Guddi you will eat this herb and kill the sin inside you. Guddi says I will die but wont let anything happen to my child. Dadda ji shoves her and kicks her stomach.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. someone kill this dadda for god sake!!such a monster he is.i hope laakhAm ll b against him n ll teach him his very much required lesson before he dies..btw loved laakhAm hug <3 in all this mess only positive thing is laakham relation became stronger than before 🙂

  2. wht the hell maan
    i hate daddaji
    how can anyone be so cruel to women

  3. I thinks bindya quit the show nd dada ji ll b punish by lakham in new track but nice thing is laakham together

  4. I thinks bindya quit the show nd dada ji ll b punish by lakham in new track but nice thing is laakham together

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