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Begusarai 28th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shakti says to Bindya that i could have done it but i couldnt do it, i couldnt, he tells her everything, how scorpio bite him and Ananya saved his life and didnt runaway leaving him alone, then he shot her but there was no bullet in gun, after that he couldnt shoot her, he cries and sits down, he touches Bindya’s feet, Bindya puts hand on his head, she says Shakti no worries, i am not angry with you, Garv is surprised, Shakti says i wont be able to forgive myself, you are in jail because of me, Bindya says i am not angry, i forgive you because a mother cant see son in tears and his head down, Garv says but.. she stares him so he shuts up, Bindya asks Shakti to get up, he does, Bindya says there is something unique in that girl that my son started lying to me after she came, he couldnt

follow my order, shakti says no it was madness in that moment, i swear on you, i have no interest in that girl, Bindya says okay i agree she saved your life thats why you couldnt kill her but think about her intention, you didnt shoot her and saved her life, she could have favored your return but she filed FIR against your mother and made me sit in jail, i should have filed FIR for making Soni runaway from house, tell me i am not saying truth? swear on me that you will take revenge of your mother, she puts his hand on her head, Shakti says i swear i will punish Ananya for her deeds, Bindya thinks Ananya have tried to come between Maa thakurain and her son, her is end is for sure. Shakti says i promise i will erase all allegations made on you, you will return to Haveli with full respect, Bindya says that girl in two days have tried to snatch a son from his mother, now in coming two days, you have to snatch all happiness from that girl, that will be my revenge, first time in life, Thakurain is hurt from heart because first time i am seeing my sons angry with each other, it hurts me so hug Garv, Shakti hugs Garv, Garv hugs him back, Bindya smiles, Garv says now your power will increase only mother, tell me should i kill Rai? Shakti says i should kill Ananya, she is reason for all this, Bindya says calm down, if anything happens to that girl then blame will come on me, dont kill her but protect her, go to Ananya and tell her that i have forgiven Soni and Mayank, go.

Scene 2
Ananya is cooking food. She brings food for Ramakant but he is not eating anything, ananya asks what happened? why you are not eating anything? Ramakant says i cant gulp it down, i am scared, Ananya says why fear? you have made us learn that when you are right then you dont have to be afraid, Ramakant says youa re not right fully, you shouldnt have brought soni from her house, you should have told me everything, Ananya says i know its my mistake but Mayank warned me that he will kill himself if i dont bring Soni to him, Ramakant says he should have died, i am ashamed of having son like him, Maa thakurain will kill him for sure, Ananya says but she is in jail, Ramakant says her followers are going hysteric for making her go in jail, they are closing shops and all, she will remain silent till she is in jail but followers will not, she can do anything even from jail too, we have to be careful, she had kidnapped you once so we have to be alert now, ananya gets tensed.
Ramakant comes to police station, he sees Bindya getting massage from lady inspector. Police man asks Ramakant to say sorry to Bindya, inspector Pandey comes there, he sits in Bindya’s feet, Bindya asks him to sit on chair, he does. Bindya asks how is Begusarai? Pandey says after your arrest, your followers are making chaos, everything is put to halt, its a request if you ask your followers to keep peace in city then it will be good, Bindya looks at him and says you know your policeman’s son has runaway with my daughter and his daughter filed FIR on me but what your department did? your SP arrested me and brought me here but you didnt do anything then why will i do anything with you? Pandey says i am sorry, i couldnt stop wrong happening with you but you can stop chaos in city as people take you as mother.
Mayank comes to room, he is tensed, Soni asks what happened? he says leave it, Soni says tell me, Mayank says i cant go to any work because of you brothers and hotel manager is asking about rent, i dont know what to do, Soni asks if she can help? Mayank says can you give your earrings to me? i will sell them, will pay rent and will go to Patna to find some work, i promise you, i will give you earring in gift later, Soni says you are my gold, i dont need anything else, she gives her earrings to him, he kisses her forehead and says i will return, she leaves. Soni opens radio, she gets news that Bindya is arrested as there were charges on her for trying to kill girl Ananya and kidnapping her, she couldnt get bail and there will be hearing of case tomorrow, Soni is shocked and says because of me she is arrested? dont know what she will do with Ananya.
Bell rings, Ananya says who it can be? she hesitantly opens door to find shakti there, she is stunned, she says you? she tries to close door but he puts foot inbetween, she says what are you doing here? go from here, shaktai pushes her away and comes in house, he closes door, ananya says leave, Shakti comes towards her, she moves back, ananya says be away from me, dont come near, leave, she takes vase and attacks him but he hods her hand and twists her arm, he takes vase from her, she gets tensed, he throws away vase, she asks him to leave her hand, he pushes her to wall and puts hand on her neck, she closes her eyes, Shakti says i have come here not to kill you but to save you, Ananya opens her eyes and looks at him.

PRECAP- Ananya says the one who was ready to kill me till yesterday on his mother’s saying is now saying that he wants to save my life? Shakti says Shakti Thakur can give life for the one who saved his life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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