Begusarai 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum:
Maanvi says to Rahul that horn is nearby Haveli only, Rahul says Dadu told me that there is some hidden basement room here but we can go there through tunnel only, he told me its way in childhood but i didnt listen it seriously, they listen some noise. Ananya is hiding in jungle too, she runs seeing them there. Rahul and Maanvi starts searching. Ananya comes to them, Rahul asks who are you? Ananya says i am Ananya, i am running from Begusarai’s Maa thakurain, she have made me marry her 5sons, i need place to hide. Maanvi says i think we should help her, Rahul says ofcourse, Maanvi asks Rahul to take her Haveli, Rahul says to Maanvi that everyone is searching for you in party. Maanvi looks at Ananya and says to Rahul that i will come in a minute, she goes with Ananya. Maanvi

and Ananya comes after changing clothes. Rahul asks why did they exchange clothes? Rahul asks why did they change clothes? Maanvi says this way ananya will be safe too, go with her to party, Rahul asks Maanvi to wait for him. he takes Ananya from there.
Rahul brings ananya to party and asks her to wear masquerade mask, stay here, nobody will irritate you here. Ananya thanks him, Rahul says no issues, my family is behind, dont look at them, he goes with Upamanyu from there.

Shakit and brothers are searching for Ananya. Brothers says she cant runaway to much extent, our men are searching her. Amar says she is hiding nearby only but who will let her hide in their place? Garv sees function going on in Haveli and says she can be there, they go to search Haveli.

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum:
Maanvi thinks where horns can be? lion is clever, he must have hidden it in some secret place. Maanvi looks in map and sees a tunnel marked on map, she goes to search it.
Agni says its so much time but they havent come till now, did they find horns or not? he says to aama what if tiger didnt tell them about horns. amma says even if they have got horns and are not bringing it to us then we will know about it, one of them will die if they try to hide horns and also we will kill Maanvi’s mother. Agni says i know them, they will do anything to free her mother, i want to break their relation, they are coming to save their mother but they dont know that one’s life will be gone, Maanvi will get shock of her life.

Shakti comes in party and is searching for Ananya. Ananya sees brothers there, she is wearing mask. she hides before brothers can see her. Ananya’s mask falls down while running away. Garv sees her, she runs from there, he asks Samar to follow while i will call brothers. Garv goes to call brothers. Ananya hides from Samar. Brothers come there. Samar says she is hiding in room. shakti says dont know why she is hiding from us, she knows about our power. adarsh says party is going on here so we have to be careful. Rahul comes there and asks who are they? what are you doing here? Amar says our wife has come her, Shakti says we are finding a girl. Rahul says private party is going on here and only you people are outsiders here and crashing any party like this is illegal. Shakti points gun at him and says we dont need permission to go anywhere and dont warn us about law and all, Rahul says there are CCTV’s cameras around and before police my security guards will come here, Adarsh takes gun from Shakti and says to Rahul that this is our family matter, just allow us to go in room, we will take girl and will silently leave from here. Rahul asks which room? Adarsh points at room, Rahul allows them. shakti goes in room and checks it, he comes out pointing that Ananya is not inside, Rahul says if you people are satisfied? brothers leave from there. Rahul asks ananya to come out, Ananya is hiding under table there and comes out. she asks Rahul how does he know that i was hiding under table? Rahul says this is my wife’s favorite saree, i saw it when you were hiding under table. Ananya says i have to leave before they reach my father, Rahul says if you want then i can send my man with you, she says you have already done so much for me, even my relatives havent helped me this much, thank you so much, she leaves. Ketki is singing in party.

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum:
Maanvi says why i am not able to see any tunnel her? she slips and falls on ground. She finds a lock on floor and says this way must be going towards tunnel, i should tell Rahul, she calls Rahul but Rahul is in party and doesnt listen phone ringing. Maanvi says he is not picking my call, i have to do something, she opens lock and sees tunnel in basement. Maanvi comes in tunnel with lamp, she is terrified, her saree gets stuck in prick, she frees it and starts moving ahead in tunnel, she slips and is tired, she recalls how Agni said that he will kill her mother if they dont find horns. Maanvi starts moving ahead. She looks around to see way. She opens map and starts going ahead in tunnel.
Rahul sees Maanvi’s miss calls and goes out of party.

Meri awaz hi Pehchan hai:
Ketki is singing in party and moves around Kalyani. guests says to Kalyani that Ketkis voice is magical, it would be different if Kalyani had sung with her, why you didnt sing with her? Kalyani says i dont sing songs like this, she leaves. Ketki says is singing Udhi ankhon se neendein.

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum:
Rahul calls Maanvi and asks where are you? Maanvi tries to tell him way, she says there is tunnel behind Haveli, Rahul is not able to listen her voice clearly, he says i am coming, he ends call and says Maanvi’s phone doesnt have network.
Maanvi is searching cave. She looks in map and starts digging ground. She finds a box hidden in mud, she brings it out and opens it to find horn in it, its lighting, she says i found it finally, i can give this to Agni and can save my mother now. Someone comes from behind and stabs Maanvi with knife, she is shocked and turns to see its Rahul who has stabbed her.

PRECAP- Upamanyu wishes wedding anniversary to Raj and Sonali, Raj says thanks. Nisha says what? she says excuse me and leaves from there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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