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Scene 1
Lakhan says you have come here to save your drowning your business, first i snatched your respect and made her mine and now i am snatching your business, Thakur is afraid of my power, Phulan says Poonam, Bhushan and Badi Amma will not always protect you, Lakhan says i dont need protection or relations like this, nameste you can leave, Phulan gets angry, Rekha says first it was servant husband and now this mad son in m fate, Lakhan leaves room, Bhushan says to Phulan that i will try to explain him, Lakhan comes in lounge, Phulan comes there too, Rekha ask him to have tea, Phulan angrily leaves, Bhushan says to Lakhan is this way to talk? he came to talk to you and you were showing him off your power, Lakhan sys when you take their side my head blows off, i thought to finish their whole but

stopped because of someone’s promise, he looks at Poonam, she is surprised listening it, he says dont create problems again, Rekha says my son did right, why should we go to their house? Lakhan says leave it, there is no need to drag the talk, he ask Bhushan and Rekha to come, Lakhan says you know new movie is released, you both go, watch it and enjoy, Rekha caresses his face and thinks that he has gone mad because of excess anger, Lakhan says you must be talking in mind, he says you both will get time to spend alone and also i married now so i will get time too, Rekha says i have alot work to do in kitchen, Lakhan says Poonam will do it, Rekha ask Bhushan to come else volcano will erupt, Lakhan takes them out of house and closes door on their faces.

Scene 2
Mitlaish says to Phulan that i knew it will happen, papa how you thought he will listen to me, Phulan says i thought what happened earlier should not happen again, Mitlaish says what happened, its scare will not go soon and he would have made our life hell if he had come here, he did good for first time by saying no, thanks to him that his self respect is still there, Badi Amma says if you were in my place then you would know, my sons are against each other, she ask Phulan did you meet Poonam? he says yes i met poonam, i could see sadness in her face, she was standing afraid in corner, couldnt say anything, Badi Amma says Poonam will speak, she will dance again in this haveli, i will give her life back to her, why dont you understand if she stay here then she will be safe, i have not left hope, i will go to Lakhan and will talk, will see if his hatred is above my love.
Lakhan comes in lounge, Poonam is tensed seeing him, he stares her, holds her pallu(dupatta corner) and covers her head with it, he ask her to go in room, she nods and leaves.
Rekha and Bhushan are outside house, Bhushan says this Lakhan.. Rekha this girl Poonam have made him insane, Bhushan says your son is mad from start, thanks he asked us to stay out for sometime only else.. Rekha sys else we would live in haveli, he says you dont have problem staying at haveli? she says who would have problem living in palace, they bicker, Rekha says i am thinking we should go to watch movie, Bhushan says we have many problems and you are thinking about movie, sit outside house only, Rekha thinks if Lakhan make this night Suhagrat raat(nuptial night) then he would be gone from my hands fully.

Scene 3
Lakhan gets ready in dolt’s room and smiles, he starts to go in his room but finds diary under table, he takes it and says whose diary it is? he opens it and reads it, he gets angry.
Poonam is waiting for Lakhan, she thinks i have to tell Lakhan about me and Priyom before starting relation with him. Lakhan reads diary and closes it in anger.
Poonam prays to God to give her strength to say truth else i would stoop low in my eyes only, Lakhan comes n and shows diary to her, she is stunned to see it, Lakhan ask what is this? Poonam thinks this is my personal diary, how he got it? i was about to tell him truth, Lakhan comes close to Poonam, she is afraid, he says i asked what is this? poonam says this is my diary, Lakhan says i read it, she is shocked.

PRECAP- Poonam says to Lakhan that i wanted to say i fell in love with Priyom, he gets furious, pushes Poonam on bed and starts breaking things in room, she gets afraid, he comes to her angrily.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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