Begusarai 27th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 27th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam comes to Lakhan with milk and medicines, he stares her and leaves from there, Poonam goes behind him and says doctor said you have to take medicines for two more days, take it, Lakhan angrily looks at her, she closes her eyes in fear, Lakhan leaves.
Maya checks rice carton and says they are fine, Badi Amma ask her to check other cartons too, Bindya and Rekha are tensed as one carton has babyji in it, Bindya hides it, Badi amma sees this and ask Maya to check carton which is behind Bindya, they are stunned, REkha thinks that i have to do something, Maya is about to open that carton, Rekha drops tea cup and shouts that it was hot, it fell on my feet, Maya leaves carton and says i will bring cream for her, all attention is diverted to Rekha, Bindya drags carton from there, Bindya

thinks that Rekha saved me today else i would have been gone, she leaves from there.
Rekha comes in store room and thinks why this carton is not moving? Bindya comes there and locks door, Rekha gives her phone, Bindya puts sim in it and says i have brought it from Patna, no one will know who called, Rekha says you are clever but i am tensed, we can go to jail, Bindya says nothing will happen like this, we will rule this Haveli, she dials number and ask are you SP? she says i have information regarding your sister(babyji), i know who has kidnapped her.

Scene 2
Poonam stops Lakhan again and says i wont let you go before eating medicine, he says how dare you stop me? Poonam says you can punish me for not following your orders but you have to take medicines, Lakhan sys you saved my life but you cant make me your servant by putting debt on me, leave my way, Poonam says please take medicine else you will get ill again, Lakhan says what about my heart? you know how i get peace? when i hurt you then i feel relieved, i assume that atleast we are together in sharing something, Poonam says if this is the case then i am ready to share this pain all my life with you but for that you need to be alive and for that you have to take these medicines, Lakhan says i think you will need medicines now, he finds tool box there and recalls how Poonam said that she never loved him, when he was not with her, she loved Priyom, he comes close to Poonam, she is about to fall from stairs but he holds her hand, she looks at Lakhan, he stares her, tool box is placed on ground beneath Poonam hanging, Lakhan pulls Poonam from stairs, he says you wanted to put me in debt by saving my life so now i saved your life and its equal now so dont talk about your rights as i have not given you that right, Poonam says you gave that right to me the day you married me, Lakhan says you cant heal my wounds with words, he is about to leave but bangs into her, her mangalsutra get stuck in his shirt’s button, Humari Adhuri kahani plays, Lakhan tries to free it, Poonam says stop, it will break, let me do it, she calmly frees it, he looks away, Poonam says the thing you were trying to free was never entangled, if you had forced it a little more then this thread would have broken, think calmly, nothing is entangled, its just about how you see it, Lakhan glances at her and leaves.

Scene 3
Rekha says that i am getting tensed, Bindya ask her to be calm, Rekha ask where is your storm? Bindya says it will come and when it will come then everyone will know about it.
Police arrives at Phulan’s haveli, Bindya smirks and says game begins. SP comes out of car, he looks at Phulan’s Haveli, Mitlaish says to his man this SP Shrivastav is same person who has habit of honesty? who denied to work with us, man says yes, he has come with policemen, Mitlaish says to Maya that police should be told their status else they forget that their value is nothing.
Shrivastav starts going in haveli but Phulan’s men stop him and says you cant go in, Shrivastav angrily stares them, men moves back, he goes in Haveli and orders policemen to start searching Haveli.
Badi Amma gets to know about police coming in Haveli, she says police never come here, who is this new SP? Man says he is new here and is closing all illegal works, Bindya thinks now it will be fun. Mitlaish comes and stares Shrivastav, he ask are you drunk? else no one dare to come here, you can go back, Shrivastav says no.

PRECAP- Shrivastav says to Mitlaish that i have search warrant, Mitlaish tears it infront of him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Tnq sooooooooooo much fr d updates atiba nd
    More poohan scenes by d way nyc episode♡♥♡

  2. Janhavi yadav

    Awesome episode…just loved lakham want more such scenes

  3. Thanks Atibha for updating daily.I can’t see TV for some reason and its very helpful that you update beagusari because I like the serial very much

  4. I luv poonam lakhan eye locks! They rock as a Jodi. Luved tdy episode.
    Ty atiba for update. Plz try updaing faster for I luv this serial a lot!!!

  5. kal ke episode ne to jaan hi leli pyar ko kya naam du.lakhan poonam no words for ur chemistry.just rocking and luving.

  6. Plz aaj ka episode update karo. Cant wait anymore.

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