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Begusarai 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rai says to Bindya that bird tries to fly alot but when he is caged then he cant go anywhere, Bindya says your jail is not so strong to cut my wings, Amar says you cant take my mother to jail when we are alive, Samar says stop them, sons start stopping policemen, Bindya says stop, have you all gone mad? you are lion, you dont have to fight with these jackals? till i dont return, Adarsh will take responsibility of Haveli, we will start war after i return back, no dent should be made on Haveli’s respect, she looks at Badi Amma and says till i dont return, you have to show way to my sons like you did for me some years ago, Badi Amma nods. Police takes Bindya from Haveli, Shakti is in tears. People are chanting fo Binfya, they see her coming out with hand cuffs and police, Sons come out

too. Ananya starts leaving, she looks back at Shakti who is very angry with her. Bindya sits in police jeep, she stares ananya who smirks at her and recalls ho Binda tortured her, Ramakant says to Ananya that God is always with justice, today i am proud of my uniform. Sons stand there in tears and shock. Jeep starts leaving, sons are distraught, Adarsh says even after having 5sons, she is gone to police station, Amar says if she had not stopped us today then this wouldnt have happened, Shakti leaves from there, Garv looks on.
Shakti comes in house and says its all my fault, he bangs head on wall, adarsh says what are you doing? Shakti says she is in jail because of me, Badi Amma says will Bindya like you being broken down? Shakti says did you see how that policeman was talking to maa? i would have shot him, Badi Amma says use you anger wisely, if you bring back your mother then i will agree that you have Bindya’s upbringing. Adarsh says i am going to lawyer, Garv and Amar says we will come with you, Shakti says i will come too, Adarsh, Amar leaves. Garv stops Shakti and says you stooped so low for a mere girl? Maa told you that women is just a need, he points gun at him and says dont you dare to lie, i saw myself, you lied to us, you said that you couldnt shoot her rightly but truth was that you shot in air and not on her, i am womanizer but how did this happen with you? what happened in two days that you couldnt kill her? you could have asked me, i would have brought girls to you, i thought you will tell truth but you didnt, thats why maa kept us away from women, you failed mother, a women took you away from us, Shakti says nothing like this, Garv says maa is in jail because of you, she was insulted because of you, he grabs him from collar and says i am giving you time till evening, you have to set everything now and if you dont do it then i will tell everything to brothers and maa, he leaves.
Shakti is distraught and cries, he says everything happened because me, how could i do such a big mistake?
Adarsh meets lawyer, lawyer says its case against girl and unfortunately judge is women too thats why they arrested her, Garv says Bindya is women too, you are biggest lawyer, cant you even bail her out? whats the use of giving you so much money? adarsh asks him to calm down, Adarsh says what we have to do? lawyer says high court is closed due to vacations, we cant challenge case there, we have on on way that is to starts case soon and case is closed in 2,3 hearings, we will free Bindya from charges, this is only way. Adarsh and Garv looks on.
Garv comes to Bindya in jail, she asks what happened to bail? Garv says bail got rejected, lawyer said its murder and kidnapping charge so bail cant be given, lawyer said that case will end in 2,3 hearings. Bindya says i always thought that no one can go against me as i have 5sons, my sons will do anything to bring me out of jail, Garv says this is happening because of Rai, i will kill him, Bindya says i will be given death sentence, dont go mad, you are thinking to kill SP Rai? we should praise him, he accepted challenge and fulfilled it, he is brave, he is not our enemy but that girl Ananya is enemy, she first made Soni runaway and now filed FIR on me, i have to know why she is doing all this, whats the reason behind her, i will find it out after coming out of jail, till i am here, keep eye on that girl, Garv recalls how Shakti didnt shoot Ananya deliberately, he says Maa you dont one more thing, actually.. Bindya says your tongue is shivering, it means i will not like what you are going to say, who tried to do something which i would not like, Garv says actually.. Shakti comes there and says i will tell, he looks at Garv and says to Bindya that i did a grave mistake, i couldnt shoot Ananya, Garv looks away, Bindya is stunned.

PRECAP- Bindya says to Shakti that girl tried to snatch son from mother in two days, now in coming two days, you have snatch every happiness of this girl. Shakti comes to ananya’s house and strangles her her neck, pins to wall, she closes her eyes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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