Begusarai 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mitlaish ask Maya what was happening in street? Maya says Poonam was driving scooty, she seemed happy because Thakur freed her from that Lakhan, Mitliahs says and he freed Lakhan from my serving too, you women cant see anything, you are just seeing Poonam’s happiness and what about making Lakhan enemy? after Phulan, i have to take kingship then i will have to handle his enemies, i will have to control that mad Lakhan and all you think about is Poonam’s happiness, he applies perfume, and takes red rose in his hands, she ask where are you going? he says why you point things in me, i am going to meet Bindya, Maya gets sad, Mitlaish says if i tell you then its problem, if i dont tell you then its problem, like you women complained about to Lakhan to Phulan, dont even think complaining

about me as then i will be in problem and when i will be in problem then you will have to suffer so dont think to tell anyone about me meeting Bindya, he kisses her cheek, Maya leaves, Mitlaish is disappointed.
Bindya comes in Haveli. she hides behind pillar seeing Phulan and Badi Amma. Badi Amma says to Phulan that in attack of Yadav, Priyom proved that he is best for next king of Begusarai, how will you announce this decision? Phulan says first i will have to calmly make Mitlaish understand this, Badi Amma says do whatever you want but do justice, Priyom should be made king only, Phulan says there is no doubt about that, Phulan says i am just waiting for right time to announce this. Bindya listens all this and says Not Mitlaish butPriyom is going to be next king? she thinks for some plan, Ghungroo what plan she is thinking now.

Scene 2
Poonam ends her scooty ride after comign from shopping, she is smiling, Najma says you look nice while smiling, Poonam says all because of your scooty, Poonam says now i will take you to college from tomorrow, najma says you forgot, i am going to Patna for stage program, you prepared for it, you helped teachers in costume selection and all, you have to come, will Manjeeta allow you to come? it comes once in year.
Bindya is in her house, Ghungroo is crying and says you wanted to become queen of Begusarai but now Mitlaish is of no use, Bindya beats him and says i will think about it, i thought Mitlaish will be next king and i will become his queen, Ghungroo says you will get nothing now from Mitlaish, Bindya thinks and my beauty still has guts to change things, i have to change my plan, if Priyom is going to be next king then i will have to trap him in love, Ghungroo says Priyom can love but cant marry you, he cant be controlled, its impossible, Bindya says i think and make impossible into possible, if Priyom is next king then i will force him to marry me and i will become his queen. Mitlaish comes there and ask are you going to ditch me again? Bindya is stunned seeing him.
Poonam comes back home, she ask Birla where is Manjeeta, Birla says he is in Haveli, you have some work? Poonam says i told you about inter college competition, all girls are going Patna to attend it for two days, Birla says you will have off from college fro two days, it will be nice, we will make prickle together, Poonam says i want to go too, Birla ask what happened to you? are you fine? Poonam says i never went like this, najma is going too and teacher Sharma is going too, Manjeeta knows him well, Birla says manjeeta will never agree to let you go out of Begusarai, dont argue, Poonam says think if our college wins then i will get medal, if father doesnt agree then i will not argue but atleas ask him once so i will have peace that i tried, Birla says you will make me listen his strict words, Poonam says i will listen his words but i will try.

Scene 3
Mitlaish comes to bindya, touches her face with rose, she closes her eyes being afraid, Mitlaish says i like your eyes so open it, she looks at him and says what plan were you making? Bindya says i was planning for dinner, she finds Priyom outside her house and is tensed, he angrily looks at her through window, she thinks so Priyom is spying on me, its good opportunity for me, Mitlaish says you left me so you have to please me now, bindya starts her acting and says Mitlaish leave from here, dont meet me again, Mitlaish is stunned and says you are a cheap dancer and you cant say no to me, Bindya says yes i am cheap dancer, she sit in his feet and says i dont want you to get dirty, i dont want Phulan to not make you king because of me, i am not saying no to you but i am just respecting you, Mitlaish says nothing will happen, he goes to close the door but Bindya stops him and says you are Thakur, you will beat me so i will have to agree on your wishes but to be true, i am not happy with all this, all people in street listen to this, Mitlaish is embarrassed, he says you are making fun of me infront of all, now i will teach you lesson, take care, he throws away rose and leaves from there, Priyom listens all this, Bindya looks at him, he is about to leave but Bindya stops him and says i did as what you said, i will do what you want, i will listen to your everything, Priyom nods and leaves from there, Bindya says all queens listens to their kings and i can do anything to become your queen Priyom.
Poonam comes in Priyom’s room, Guddi is dancing there, Poonam laughs, Guddi says lets dance, Poonam says now, Guddi says your heart is dancing so why not body, dont be shy, nobody will see Poonam and Guddi starts dancing, they are laughing and enjoying, Priyom opens door of his room and finds Poonam, he hides behind door and sees her dancing happily, he smiles, he comes in, Poonam is stunned seeing him and stand straight, Guddi says why did you come, go away, Priyom comes in and says why did you stop, dance, Poonam says arent you ashamed seeing girls dancing, he says one is my sister and one is my best friend so whats shame? Poonam and guddi starts beating him with pillow, they stop seeing Phulan there, Priyom turns and finds him, all are tensed seeing him, he angrily looks at them.

PRECAP- Badi Amma says to Mitlaish that your meeting was at 11am and you went there at 12, did you stop at Bindya’s house for 1 hour? Mitlaish says i went to her but just to make her understand, Phulan says listen you have to stay away from that Bindya, concentrate on your wife and kids, it will be better for you, Mitlaish nods and leaves, Phulan ask Poonam what happened? she says actually..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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