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Begusarai 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Its morning. Amar asks Shakti what is he thinking? i have brought tea for you and how was night? you are married, still you are shying away. Samar says it was adarsh’s name yesterday on chit but he sent Shakti instead of him, Shakti sees Adarsh’s name on chit and is stunned.
Ananya is lying on floor in her room. Soni comes there with food, Ananya cries. Soni asks her to eat food, Ananya says no, Soni says i wish i could do something fro you, Ananya is sad.
Shakti shows chit to Adarsh and says it was your name on chit then why did you send me? Adarsh says you trapped so i thought you deserved to go to her first, Shakti says i feel you are hiding something, Adarsh says no, Shakti asks if he has problem with what is happening with Ananya? Adarsh says there is no question

raised when its maa’s order, Shakti says what if it was not maa’s order? Adarsh looks on. Servant comes and says Maa has called you.
All brothers gather, Bindya asks Garv to take out chit. Garv takes out chit and its adarsh’s name on it, Garv says Adarsh is lucky, he asks adarsh if he wants any tip? Shakti feels angry.
Its night, Adarsh comes to Anany’s room, he closes door, Ananya hides broken glass piece in her hands. Adarsh gets call and says to caller that dont call me like this, i have told you many times, he is busy on call, ananya starts reaching him with glass piece. She comes behind Adarsh and takes out glass piece, she is about to stab him but adarsh turns and holds her hand, he takes glass piece from her and throws her bed, he lies on her and says you wanted to kill me? i can kill you right now, Ananya pushes him and says kill me but if you try to come near me then i will kill myself, Adarsh says you can live or die, i have no interest in you, i have come in this room as maa wanted me to come, he pushes her away and says i dont get sleep on floor, he lies on bed and says whatever talk has happened between us, it should remain between us only, Ananya is stunned, Adarsh lies to sleep.
Its morning, Adarsh opens door of Ananya’s room and comes out, he locks it from outside. Amar gives him tea and says we were waiting for you, Adarsh smiles, Amar says it means you enjoyed alot, Adarsh leaves, Shakti listens all this hiding behind pillar.
Ananya opens her cupboard and listens someone coming in her room, she goes and sit on bed. Soni comes in her room and sees pillow and blanket on floor, she says i have brought food for you, forgive me but understand my situation too, if you dont eat then how will you fight with 5brothers, Ananya says should i fight with this Haveli? or self justified Bindya? or fight with your brothers who call themselves as my husbands, you mother is coward, Soni leave me alone, go from here, Soni leaves from there.
Shakti comes to Soni and asks soni how is Ananya? Soni says what kind of question is this? she is like kidnapped here, she is married to 5brothers and you are asking how is she? Shakti says stop your lecture, Adarsh went to her room so.. Soni asks why you wanna know? have you started loving her in playing these games with her? or you regret that you brought her here in love trap and divided her between 5brothers? Soni leaves, Bindya listens all this hiding behind pillar and gets angry.

Scene 2
Bindya calls Soni, Soni comes there. bindya says i have work, i have arranged face revealing ceremony for Ananya, you have to pacify her to get ready and she should come in function, Soni says but.. Bindya stares her and says i take care of your husband so much and you cant do this for me? Soni silently leaves.
Adarsh calls mysterious caller and says when i will meet you, i tell you everything, if anyone see me calling you then i will be gone, he ends call, Shakti is standing behind him. Shakti asks what? Adarsh asks why he is staring him? i was talking about business on call, Shakti says tell me about last night, Adarsh says everyone is asking me about this only, when a girl and boy are together in a room alone then what should happen had happened last night, ignore girls and start focusing on work.
Bindya asks Soni to go and check if Ananya is ready for ceremony, Soni leaves.
Soni comes to Ananya’s room with saree and jewelry, Ananya looks at her. Soni keeps things infront of her and says its time for guests to come, i should make you get ready, Ananya says i dont wanna go anywhere and dont wanna meet anyone, Badi Amma comes there and says you will go for sure.
Bindya is waiting for Soni and Ananya to come down, she says why bride didnt come till now? Amar says girl takes time to get ready, Bindya says those girls take time who are happy with their marriage, go and see her.
Shakti comes to Ananya’s room and sees Soni tied with bed and Ananya gone from there, he calls out everyone, Bindya comes there and says Ananya ranaway? she gets angry.

PRECAP- There will be mahasangam of Meri Awaz hi pehchan hai, Ye Kahan aagye hum and Begusarai tomorrow. Ananya comes to Rahul’s party and hides from her husbands. Rahul covers her face with dupatta and hides her from Shakti and his brothers.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. throughout the mahasangram they will do timepass and then she will be back in the haveli since the main leads are here for the chemistry.

  2. how can mahasangam happen…i mean tht laakhan and poonam also met rahul and maanvi frm yeh kahan aa gye hum for tht dooba trck whn paridhi sharma (ambika) came…..and now after 25 years their sons will also meet thm wid no chnge in thm ( as in tht serial no leap is taken )….and also i thought tht meri awaaz hi pehchaan hai was a period drama….this is totally insane !

  3. Yes Shruti, you are right. how can this happen? I don’t think writers and producers has any sence

  4. I think Adharsh is better than rest of four brothers i like adharsh and ananya together than shakti

  5. shruti you are right but writer aalready gone mad so they write anything

  6. Sartaj gill has been chosen as the male lead for zee’s ETRETR and shivangi bagged a role in str plus’s YRKKH!! Wish vishal also quits andtv’s Begusurai so that he can come up with other good projects!! He is extremely talented and he can rock in his future projects!! Waise bhi after leap Without lakhan and poonam,show is not as good and not as unique as before 🙁

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