Begusarai 26th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Begusarai 26th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Priyom on call says to Poonam that this heart is weird, it made you love me and me.. she says you what? he says nothing, Poonam say you are in this problem because of me, you agreed for marriage for the fact that i love you, i am sorry, i wish i could stop my heart, you would have not been this hurt, Priyom says i am not in love so i have no pain, i am smiling even after getting shot, go home, from tomorrow i wont allow you to cry, from tomorrow everything will be fine, this Lakhan matter and all, Poonam says i hope that everything will be fine, Priyom says if you have faith in me then smile, she smiles at him, she says take care, he sys you are saying as you are going far away, when i will be in pain, i will call you, you come then, she ends call and thinks that maybe after today i wont

listen his voice, she glances at him with teary eyes and leaves.
Manjeeta says to Phulan that we are finding Lakhan but dont know about him, Bhushan says i think he is not in Begusarai, Phulan says he has thakur blood, he will not runaway like this, he ask Mitlaish to be alert, Mitlaish nods and says if Lakhan comebsback this time and attack then i will not give him chance to even feel guilty.

Scene 2
Priyom calls his men and ask them to be at station and keep an eye for Lakhan, he will not leave like cowards, search for him.
Poonam is in her room, she thinks how to leave house? Phulan’s men are everywhere, if i dont go today then dont know what Lakhan will do, she gets Lakhan’s call, she attends it, Lakhan sys i know there is alot of strictness near Haveli, do one thing, tell them you want to go to beauty parlour, they will allow you, he says i will wait there, dont try to act smart, i could have taken you from Haveli and run but i dont want to runaway, there is reason behind calling you at parlour, get ready nicely, you should look like my bride, she sys yes, he says remember we used to play bride groom in childhood, you dressed as bride and i thought you as my bride from that day only, this is my only dream, i want you to fulfill it, will you become my bride? she says yes, he ends call, Poonam is tensed. Lakhan says to Dolt that i am marrying in hurry but everything should be fine, he ask if everything is ready at Mandir? Dolt nods.
Priyom is in his room, he finds Poonam’s diary, he recalls how Guddi said that he loves her too, he reads diary, he finds Poonam in his room, she says dont know why Priyom teases me so much? Priyom smiles, Poonam says Priyom makes up for all the fights, why my smile is important for Priyom? he has many friends, girl friends but wh he tell his heart things to me only? Priyom smiles listening all this, Poonam says i never told my heart thing to him but how he understand it without saying? Priyom looks at her romantically, Poonam hides her face behind diary, Poonam says you have awareness of my love, but why cant you read yourself? i am in your heart only, find me, you say we are just friends but if this friendship then what is love? when friend goes away, we feel pain but when i think of you going away from me, my life stops, when we will go away what will happen then? will it give you pain or will your life stop? Priyom keeps staring at her, he touches her face.. and it all turn out to be his imagination, he keeps imaging poonam, he imagines Poonam leaving him and he starts crying, he says why i have tears in my eyes like Poonam?

Scene 3
Dolt comes to barber and ask him to open shop, barber opens it, Lakhan comes in and ask him to do shave else he will be dead, barber goes to get things, he messages someone stealthily.
Poonam, Guddi, Najma alongwith Badi Amma comes to parlour, Badi Amma comes to Poonam and ask what have you thought? Poonam says Lakhan will come here, Badi Amma says guards of Phulan are standing outside, Poonam gets Dolt’s call, she receives it, he says i will take you from parlour, you get ready, i am doing duty of being brother, i am outside, Poonam sys but guards? Dolt says thats my headache, just call me when you come out.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hate it if ponam marry lakhn.dis is wrong bcoz pyar k lie ladna chahiye use .n na ki kisi k age jokna.disgusting. track .she shld kill her self rather marrying lakn.she shld prove that she loves priyom. If she marry lakn then I will stop watching this show forever

  2. lakhan sirf poonam k liye hi lad rha hai wo b akela bas uske pyar ka tarika alag hai warna kisi ki na manne wala lakhan sirf poonam ki sunta hai…use sachcha pyar krta hai.rishta poonam ne kharab kiya hai.

  3. aur agar lakhan ki shadi poonam se ni hui to hum sab ye show dekhna chhod denge.dosti per shaq faila rha hai k achcha dost aage jaake pati bn jaega aur jo hone wala pati h use chhod diya jaega.dost dost rahe aur pati pati.

  4. I never make comments on these sites, however sometimes I read some of these comments, I’m quite surprised by the immaturity of the fans.
    First of all this is a show and not real life.
    Secondly; today’s girl wouldn’t allow someone like Lakhan to intimidate her and threaten her.
    She never wanted to marry him in the first place.
    Thirdly; if they marry her off to Lakhan how will the story move forward.
    There will be no one to take revenge and what about Bindiya?
    The character Priyom will bring his neice and nephew home and Poonam will marry Priyom and the story will continue with Lakhan trying to take revenge from the family with Bindiya trying to do the same.
    Enjoy the show.

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