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Begusarai 26th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Komal says did you ask sarkar before feeding them? Dont forget that you are standing here because of him. Bindya says I remember but he has forgotten that is is priyom’s family. Komal says better not talk about the family. The family who left your for dying? You are standing here because of sarkar. Once I catch this family in love then I will ruin this house. She says don’t let your heart melt onwards,keep sarkar in mind.

Lakhan recalls what bhanu said, he leaves in anger. Komal sees him and says he is so mad. Lakhan you can’t do anything about it. I will ruin all your happiness. Lakhan comes in room and asks poonam why haven’t you slept yet? and you have not taken your medicines? Eat it. Poonam says why you look worried? He says no I am not hiding anything.

Poonam says share bit with me. Lakhan says my dad has been abducted by binya. They have roped him not even giving him water.
After losing priyom and dolt, i can’t lose babu ji.Poonam says nothing will happen to him. Lakhan says i never di anything for him but now I will. No matter what bindya does. I find babu ji.

Choti and mata heal badi amma. Badi amma says why are you crying? I am not dead. I can bear this for my kids. Badi amma says we are here for each other. She says poonam shouldn’t know about it. She is not well. She can’t bear this. Where is mitlesh? Maya says he was mad so he went to rooftop. Badi says if he controls his anger we will win half of the war.

Komal says i am seeing this first time. After today I need this. She lits the joint. She sees mitlesh in balcony. She goes to him and says aren’t you sleepy? He says dont you sleep? You are always found here. She says I was thinking about that happened in the house. I came here to relax. Mitlesh says when someone has pointed a gun on your kids you can’t stay calm. Komal says look at the moon. It is too bright but when sun shines this wont be enough. But that moon’s existence is not vanished. Mitlesh says i dont know what you are saying. She says sit here you will understand everything. i think i have a solution for your troubles. She shows him the joint. He says I don’t need it. She says these are not for faint of heart. He takes the joint from her and smokes. He smokes it and coughs it, he says what is in it. She says this will kill your troubles. He is faint.

Next morning, maya asks poonam how you feel now? Poonam says a bit weak. Is there something you wanna tell me? Maya recalls badi amma asked her not to say anything. Mayas says no just wanted to see you. Let me bring you breakfast. poonam says what is it? Maya says something should not be discussed. Poonam says you are my sister. Maya tells Poonam everything. Poonam says so much happened and I was unaware. Maya says i have to go make breakfast.
Bindya saves the candle in temple from blowing but it does. Poonam stops her from lighting it.

Precap-Bindya says to poonam there are no friends. You tried to help me so I mean you no harm. But don’t interfere.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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