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Scene 1
Rekha bickers that she didnt get anything and my son brought daughter in law but i have to work all alone, i got keys of haveli for first but Phulan couldnt bear it, Phulan will burn in hell, its time to die now, so much insult, she cries, Bindya says if you get keys back then? Rekha says i am going mad but why you are going crazy? he said nothing can be unseen from his sight, Bindya says what if we remove him from our way, Rekha says you are saying to kill him? its dangerous, Bindya says thats why i need you, Rekha says i cant do it, Bindya then forget about Haveli’s keys, you have to decide if your dream is more important or Phulan’s life.
Guddi is sad and thinks about how Dolt was getting beaten up because of her, she comes to his room and sees him in pain, she hides,

behind window, Dolt feels her presence and says why i feel she is here? Manjeeta comes there and says you didnt get peace of mind still? i get hurt when people talk ill about my son, i wish to kill you but its good that Mitlaish stopped Priyom, i am telling you last time to forget Guddi else you will lose your life, Guddi listens all this, she looks at Dolt, Piddi comes to her and says Mitlaish would ahve killed Dolt, you played game to hurt Poonam but whats difference in you and her? she broke Priyom’s heart and you broke Dolt’s heart, he leaves, Guddi feels guilty, Dolt tries to get water, Guddi comes and gives him water, she says sorry, he says why did you come here? if you didnt love me then you could have told me why did you play this game with me? he drags her out of room and says i really liked you but there is nothing to listen now, you didnt do good with me, he closes door on her face.

Scene 2
Bindya covers her face with shawl and is leaves Haveli. A lady comes to her, she is her mother, Bindya says Amma you know plan, she nods.
Poonam check Lakhan’s fever, she says his fever is low now, i will call doctor but i should open ropes, she starts untying his hands but he wakes up and looks at his hands and feet tied, he angrily looks at Poonam and tries to open ropes, he ask whats all this? who tied me? who dared to tie me? Poonam get tensed.
Bindya and Amma comes to some place. A police jeep is going from there, a girl is sitting in it, Amma comes infront of car, car bumps into her, amma starts crying that no one cares about poor, policeman says you came infront of car, Amma cries more, girl in jeep tries to go down but inspector stops her and says its dangerous for you to go down i will go and check, inspector goes, Bindya comes and makes girl unconscious by making her smell chloroform, Amma leaves from there, inspector comes in jeep and doesnt find girl(babyji), he ask her other inspector where is babyji? she says i think someone took her, they get tensed.
Lakhan ask who tied me? Poonam says you fainted because of fever, you were not taking medicine so i had to tie you, please dont get angry, your fever is lower now, Lakhan says once i am free then i will tell you, he pulls ropes and breaks them, he frees himself and says i am asking who tied me but you are not saying anything, he gets up and comes to her, Doctor comes in and ask with whose permission you came here? doctor ask how you are standing? Lakhan says on my feet, doctor says dont take me wrong, you fainted because of high fever, you were very ill, i was worried that it can reach your brain but you are fine, Pooname finally made you eat medicines, its Poonam because of whom you are safe and sound, she took very good care of you, he leaves, Lakhan glances at Poonam and leaves without saying anything.
Bindya brings some cartons in house, Badi Amma ask what is this? Bindya says Choti Amma was asking servant to bring ration, i went to mandir so i thought to bring grocery, i did right? Rekha says yes, you brought everything? Bindya says yes, both smirk at each other, Rekha ask her to take all grocery in godown, Badi Amma says let cartons remain here, Bindya ask why? Badi Amma says everything has way to do, Maya will check everything and will send to godown, Bindya fumes in anger one carton is moving babyji is inside it, Rekha and Bindya are tensed, Badi Amma ask Rekha to give tea, she gives it to her and looks at Bindya, Badi Amma says to Choti Amma that rice had insects earlier so check this time and then send to godown Bindya thinks that if cartons get opened up then i will be gone.

PRECAP- Lakhan says to Poonam that when i hurt you then i fee that atleast we are bearing something together, Poonam says i am ready to bear everything with you, Lakhan says you will need medicine now, he looks at tool box and thinks of some idea.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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