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Begusarai 25th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam ask Bindya why you are getting so agitated? no one didnt snatch your position, its nature’s rule, as you sow shall you reap, Bindya says in one night goat turned into lioness, you will punish me for my deeds? as much i know, i can estimate that you are speaking but words are of someone else, she stares Badi Amma and says work is done by you but idea is of someone else, on whose back you are showing much courage? Lakhan gave you this confidence or your old lover Priyom? Poonam says i am not like you to fire by putting gun on someone else shoulder, my courage is because of my Mangalsutra, i am daughter in law of thos house and i am thakurian, men of this house dont know anything neither they will know it, Bindya says if this is case then i must appreciate your courage, you

wanna fight with me? like this you will fight with me? you did childish act by sending me to some isolated place, now i will teach you and your family lesson, Poonam says lets see but remember this much ego is not good, history has witnessed that truth always defeat lie.
Poonam comes out after taking shower, she finds Lakhan sleeping in bed, she smiles at him, she sit beside him and tries to put his on pillow, she cups his face, comes closer and puts his head on pillow, she gets up and starts wiping her wet hairs, water falls on lakhan, he wakes up and eyes her, she turns to see if he is awake, he closes his eyes, she turns and starts wiping again, he keep looking at her, she smiles and turns to find him sleeping, she understands that he is acting, she leaves from there, Lakhan opens his eyes and doesnt find her, he starts finding her, sees her standing on otherside, he gets awkward and says i will go to take bath, she says listen..

Scene 2
Manohar Dadda’s entry is shown.
Priyom comes in his room and is not wearing shirt, he opens cupboard to take shirt, Bindya gives it to him, he thanks her and wears it, Priyom gets someone’s call, he is stunned, looks at Bindya and goes to otherside, he takes call and greets Tauji, Manohar says i am coming, you got married, Phulan is in jail, i am coming for all of you, he ends call, Bindya ask whose call was it? Priyom says i will tell Badi Amma that Dadda(tauji) is coming, he leaves, Bindya says who is this dadda now?
Lakhan comes to Poonam, she moves her hairs to one side and turns to Lakhan, he sees her bare back and is shy, he ties dori of her blouse, both at each other through mirror, she says thanks, he says why? tell me whole thing, Thank you Lakhan thakur, she smiles and looks at him, Lakhan caresses her hairs and says i feel good to listen my name from your mouth, i am habituated to it, dont leave it, she nods, he says i will come after taking shower, he starts going outside, comes back and says i know bathroom is otherside, he goes in bathroom, Poonam laughs.
Priyom comes to Badi amma and says daddaji is coming, he leaves, Poonam ask who is he? Choti Amma says Badi Amma is afraid of him too, Badi Amma says i am not afraid but i respect him, she is tensed and says to her servants that clean whole house, no one should bring slippers in house, she ask Guddi to not laugh infront of him, he doesnt like it, she says to Poonam and Maya that dont add onion in his food and send milk in his room when he comes, Choti Amma ask why you are getting afraid? why he is coming here? Badi Amma says he is coming, ask him only, she says he does pooja early morning so make sure everything is prepared for pooja, Bindya is seeing all this, and ask who is he? Rekha says he is Bhushan’s tau’s son, he is higher in money and position than Phulan thakur, Phulan obeys him too, Bindya thinks how i didnt know about him, now this Dadda will help me to achieve my goals, Rekha ask what are you thinking? Bindya says what if this Dadda comes to our side, Rekha says why will he come to our side? its impossible, Bindya says nothing is impossible for me, if i prove to Dadda that all are blind here then he will come to our side, she leaves, Rekha says Bindya doesnt know what kind of fire is he.
Poonam comes to Maya who is cleaning mandir, she says i have already cleaned them, Maya says dadda is very particular about things so thought to clean again.
Lakhan and Priyom are with some managers, Lakhan says add my wife’s name in list too, i will bring her picture and certificate till you put Priyom’s wife’s name in list, Priyom is tensed.
Badi Amma ask to clean house, Rekha says i have back ache, she ask Bindya to massage her back, Bindya stares Badi amma, she says to Rekha you just see how i prove them blind infront of Manohar.

PRECAP- Bindya ties rope in stairs, she finds Badi Amma coming near it and is stunned, Badi Amma trips over rope and falls from stairs, Poonam shouts Badi Amma, Bindya is shocked too, Badi Amma lies unconscious.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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