Begusarai 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bindya asks brothers to search for Ananya, they leave. ananya is running away through terrace, she finds kitchen and hides there. She closes all windows and doors. She sees gas cylinder and match stick and says there is no other way now. She opens gas cylinder and turns on stove. Gas starts leaking in whole kitchen. Brothers come to Bindya and says she is not seen anywhere. Badi Amma smells gas and says it seems like gas is leaking. She comes to kitchen and sees it locked, she asks to open it, Ananya says leave from there. Shakti says to Bindya that she is doing something gas inside. All come there, Maya asks Ananya to open door. Shakti breaks door. They all come in kitchen, Ananya shows match stick and says dont come near me else i will burn everything, Shakti tries to come near her, Bindya

stops her, Ananya says i am not lying, i will burn down everything, dont come near me Shakti, Bindya asks what you want? Ananya says freedom, Maya says this way you will lose your life, Ananya says my life is not left here, these thakurs have made fun of my life, Badi Amma says you dont have right to take your life, Ananya says you have right to play with my life? you have made me get married to 5brothers which is illegal, is this right? any girl will love to die than living life like this, i will die and will take you all with me too. She is about to lit match stick but Shakti grabs her, brothers open doors and windows. Shakti controls Ananya, she angrily looks at him. Bindya comes to Ananya and slaps her hard, Ananya looks at her stunned, Bindya says you wont get freedom from this relationship so easily, i lived in that jail for 7days so you have to get punished for 7births, ;not so soon girl, she asks Shakti to take her to room and show her worth to her, Ananya is shocked, Bindya leaves from there, Ananya looks at Shakti and tries to free herself but Shakti drags her from there.
Shakti brings Ananya to room and throws her on bed, its all dark in room, Shakti closes door. He looks at her, Ananya says why did you stop? show me my place, what happened Shakti? you have come here to take revenge for your mother so take revenge, Shakti shouts Ananya.. Anany says dont take my name with your filthy tongue, you know when you used to take my name, i used to fell peace but now i am feeling disgusted, it seems like you are saying slang, dont take my name, you have come here for work, do that and leave, what happened? what are you thinking? i lost everything when you agreed to get me married to your brothers, i have nothing left now, i only have body now, you want to take it too? she takes off her saree pallu, Shakti looks away, ananya says why are you standing? do what your mother wants, Shakti says you cant go back from here so its better that you accept your fate and live with it, Ananya says live with it? you want me to make family with 5husbands? live in this Haveli and see your face everyday? and forget the cheating you did to me? you want this? i am not able to learn all this, help me out, tell me how to live with all this, tell me if you were in my place then what would you do? Shakti says i dont have answer, what i thought was right, i did it. Ananya says great, its so easy for you crush any girl’s respect and dignity, Shakti covers her with saree pallu and says everything is not like what you are seeing, even if i dont do anything then my brothers.. i cant change your fate, Ananya says you have written this fate for me, you have done this so easily, you must be laughing seeing me love you, that i i madly loved you, you are Thakur and you got afraid of a common girl? just to take my dignity, you planned such a big act? you wanted revenge? you could have beat me, she beats herself, she slaps herself, Shakti stops her, Ananya moves back and says dont touch me. Ananya says when you touch me, i feel like insects are moving on my body, i feel disgusted by you Shakti. Ananya says you have given me gift of love and i will remember this for life, thank you for evoking love fire inside me, this fire will remain inside me, your punishment.. your gift will be seeing me burn down everyday in this fire which you have given me, Ananya says why are you standing silently? come near me and celebrate your victory, Shakti is not able to take it anymore, he goes out of room and closes it from outside. Shakti comes to terrace and recalls Ananya’s harsh words, he gets angry and starts punching boxing bag, he recalls her words and sits down on floor. Ananya cries in her room, otherside Shakti is tensed too.

PRECAP- Bindya asks Garv to take out chit. Garv takes out chit and its Adarsh’s name on it. Adarsh comes to Ananya’s room at night, she gets terrified seeing him. In morning, Bindya says to Soni that i have arranged face revealing(monh dikhayi) ceremony for Ananya, pacify her and get her ready. Soni comes to Ananya’s room with saree and jewelry, Ananya looks at her. Later Shakti comes to Ananya’s room and sees Soni tied with bed and Ananya gone from there, he calls out everyone, Bindya comes there and says Ananya ranaway?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yaar, Its really a superb writing ….. especially when shakti throws her on the bed, story starts from there actually.

  2. veebha and vishal u both of them too good yeterday episode and veebha u rock it keep rock as ananya

  3. Atul Srivastava, Mysuru

    Serials propagating polygamy or polyandry should be summarily banned.

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