Begusarai 25th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Doctor checks Priyom’s shoulder and says bullet just passedby his shoulder, he is fine but have to take rest, he leaves, Priyom is about to get up, Phulan ask him to rest, Priyom says for peace of this house, we have to solve this Lakhan’s problem, how can be point gun at you, Phulan says my men are finding him and from next time, let me face bullet on my name, this is second time you have saved my life, i have lived my life, you have to see alot in life, what if anything happens to you while saving me, he gets emotional, he ask Choti Amma to take care of my hero, he leaves, Badi Amma leaves too, Priyom ask Guddi why are you staring at me? Guddi says i am thinking did you get this wound to runaway from marriage, how will make Poonam wear garland now? Priyom says i am not changing

my mind, i have made up my mind for marriage, guddi says you can change any minute, priyom says situation is changed, she is fool, she loves me, i cant love her back but i dont want to hurt her, Guddi says you are in pain thinking about her pain? not only her but you are in love too, Priyom thinks, she says people fight for love but you are fighting with yourself, what proof you want other than this? she leaves, Priyom gets in thoughts, music plays.
Poonam is going to Priyom’s room, Badi Amma comes to Poonam and says you should have been with Lakhan, you are responsible for all this, you have cheated Lakhan and me too, Poonam says i was going to Lakhan but.. she tells her everything how Priyom locked her in room, she says i have called Lakhan, i will go to him, i will marry him, Badi Amma says this is not the way to Lakhan, Poonam says i came to see Priyom, is he fine? i want to see him last time, please, Badi Amma looks at her, she says okay but remember this is last time, either you go to Lakhan or else Lakhan will kill him, she leaves, Poonam is stunned.

Scene 2
Manjeeta is beating Lakhan’s men, Phulan says to Bhushan that Lakhan had courage but how he got so many army and guns? Bhushan says i got to know it today that Lakhan was involved in drugs business, he made alot of money and also called men from other city, Phulan says i can.. Bhushan says i know what you wanna say, i cant even plead for his life now, Phulan ask Manjeeta to look everywhere for Lakhan, he says to Bhushan that there is one more person other than Lakhan behind all this in this house, he leaves.
Bindya finds Phulan standing in her room, she gets afraid, Phulan stops her, Bindya says you? i thought i am seeing dream, i mean why will you come in my room? Phulan says did you meet Mitlaish this night? she says no, i mean yes, no i mean i met him but not in that way, i just talked to him, Phulan ask women like you have worth to talk to my kids? what poison did you put in him that he pointed gun at his father, Bindya thinks how he got to know? Phulan says i will not listen lie, alot i s happening in this house these days, Lakhan is getting clever, he is getting help from somewhere else and i think you are that person, Bindya thinks he just have doubt on me, he doesnt know truth, Bindya says you are doubting me, i didnt do anything, i respect you alot that if you say i have done all this then i will accept it, you can punish me, Phulan says you are dancer dont try to be smart, if my doubt was clear then you would have died by now, you have done some good work for us but i know your caste too, you must have played some game, i want you to leave Begusarai right now, Bindya is stunned, she says ok if you want then i will leave tonight only, Phulan says i am giving you some reward for your deeds, he gives her bag of money and ask her to get lost, he leaves, Bindya calls he mother and tells her that Phulan has doubt on me, he has asked me to leave Begusarai, Amma says i am telling you to leave all this, Bindya says i will not accept defeat so soon, i never change my mind and never forget my enemy, i will leave away from here for somedays then i will comeback.

Scene 3
Priyom is lying on bed, he recalls Guddi’s words that he is in love too, he closes his eyes and sleeps, Poonam comes there, she sits near him and keep looking at him, she says i love you and you are ready to marry me for my happiness, i am responsible for all your pain, i will end all this, i promise i will separate myself from you, her tear falls on his hand, she leaves, Priyom wakes up and finds her tear, he calls her but she leaves. Poonam gets a call from Priyom, he comes on terrace, Poonam is on her terrace, she is crying, Priyom ask were you in my room? she says no, yes i did come, Priyom says why didnt you wake me up? Poonam says you were sleeping, Priyom says you used wake me up by scratching my hairs so why this change? Poonam says dont know, he says you are trying to forget our friendship as you have started loving me, i will not let that happen, i will keep our friendship alive, she look at him, he ask her to no cry, she says tears are not stopping, he says didnt anyone tell you that tears doesnt look good on you, she says you told me, Priyom says so dont you respect your would be husband’s wish? she says dont know, i have no control over my heart, Priyom says this heart is a jerk, it made you love me and me.. she says you what? he smiles at her.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow nice episode.

  2. I saw in some website that Poonam will marry lakhan and priyom will be left heart broken coz of this.wth can’t they let them unite.i hope it is not true .

  3. Priyom pakka poonam se shadi karega

  4. Yeah I saw that 2 vb but I want priyom and Poonam to marry

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