Begusarai 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan kisses poonam’s forehead. He picks her up in his arms.
Bhushan says finally you have realized your mistake, I can go to haveli now. Manjita says cut his finger, I have to send this gift to haveli. Bhushan says you can’t do this Manjita. They cut his finger. Bhushan screams.
Lakhan comes to badi amma and says you called me? Badi amma says we have been through a lot. You are my last ray of hope for this family. Your and Poonam’s love is my strength. I tried everything to keep this family united. I want to see it united after my death. Please agree to me. I beg you. Lakhan says don’t say that. He says in heart I should tell her that it is all my and poonam’s drama.
Servant come and gives a box to lakhan. he says some man have it and

said give it to badi amma. Badi amma opens the box. She throws it away and says what is it. Lakhan picks it. Poonam asks why you screamed? Everyone sees the finger and are dazed. Reka says this is thakur’s thumb. Lakhan reads the note, this is a gift for badi thakurain. You must have recognized the thumb of your son. If someone tries stopping the divorce of lakhan and poonam, you will get bushan’s head. Rekha faints. Poonam runs to her, komal says stay away from her. Lakhan says bring water.

Rekha gives juice to Rekha. Rekha says I can’t. Komal says don’t worry, he will be fine. Rekha says where should I bring strength from? Everyone cares about Lakhan and Poonam, they are all seeing the drama. Waiting for Bhushan’s neck. They care about Poonam more than Bhushan. Lakhan asks servant who brought the box? He says I have never seen him before. Poonam says Komal was right. This is all because of me.
Badi amma says to maya, my patience has been lost. They can harm Bhushan more. Maya says who is sarkar and why are they not coming in front of us? Badi amma says sarkar is a coward not a warrior, they can’t come in front. They want poonam and lakhan divorced. He doesn’t know that our unity will find him. I have an idea which will bring him in front of me. Maya says what is that? Badi says amma says I will tell you on right time. Poonam and Guddi faint maya and Bindya. Badi amma faints Mai. They all come together and rope them with chairs. Badi amma says first step is successful but destination is far away.

Poonam, choti amma and bindya wake up roped on the chairs. Mitlesh is there with gun. Poonam says what is this? Mai says to tell begusarai that we are not your slaves. We were robbers at a time. Time changes. Yesterday was yours today is mine. Komal says what have I done? Why have you roped me? She says lakhan tell her. Lakhan says I will tell you instead. He says you played with out goodness. I want to kill you atm. Komal says you will shoot me? Rekha says what are you doing? She is not like that. Lakhan says you couldn’t understand your son and daughter in law and you know her in 2 days. No one can come between me and poonam. No one can take her place. Komal says was that.. Lakhan says drama. Because I had to reach sarkar through and release my babu ji. Now tell me who sarkar is. Rekha says have you forgotten that sarkar still had bhushan detained. I will not forgive you people if something happens to him. Badi ama says you never have positive hope. She says is there a real sarkar or are you playing games with us? Mitlesh says we roped them not to talk. Ask them their last wish. Just shoot. Bindya says badi amma no, don’t listen to mitlesh. If you do anything, sarkar will kill whole thakur family. Mitlesh says if there is someone who should be first for my bullet, its you. Badi amma says no mitlesh, I will kill Komal first. Someone shoots mitlesh’s hand. The gun falls from his hand. Komal says sarkar. A lot of goons come in as well.
Sarkar slaps Badi amma. Its a woman. Its choti amma. Everyone is dazed.

Precap-Badi amma says the power you are so proud of is not yours. Bindya says choti amma don’t harm your own people. Choti amma slaps her and says you change colors like a chameleon. You thakurs will be my servants from today.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Watched this show after many days , but used to enjoy this show more previously now it’s not that good after priyom’s dead and only thing worthy to watch is lakhan and poonam love story

  2. I knew it that choti amma was sarkar these steo mothers you know

  3. Who actually choti amma is? I mean is she the step mother of fulan?

  4. this show runs on laakham’s love story.who will watch two old women fighting with each other?nonsense!!laakham was is ll b the soul of begusarai them more story should revolve arpund them not anyone else.

  5. I knew that choti amma is sarkar

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