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Scene 1
Bindya cries, everyone lowers their gaze. Dadda ji pulls her saari more. She sits downs and covers herself with her arms. Dadda ji throws the sari on Poonam’s face. Bindya tries to run, dadda ji tears her blouse from back. Bindya screams. After a while Bindya is sitting nude in center. She tries to cover herself. Dadda ji’s men laugh at her while all other people are standing still with their gazes down. Dadda ji says you provoked everyone. Poonam screams how can you do this. She is your daughter in law. Dadda ji grasp her by hair and stand her up. Dadda ji says now you will walk in every street of Begusarai like this. This is justice of dadda ji in court of dadda ji. Now walk. Bindya starts walking. Ponam screams. ‘Bindya walks silently. Poonam shoves the men and takes

shawl from a woman. She covers and hugs bindya. Bindya sits down in tears. Dadda ji says leave her poonam. Poonam says enough. Dadda ji right now I said that women don’t interfere in my business. Poonam says I will stop you and I will not go anywhere. Is there anything left to do? Let her go. Dadda ji says she is dancer. If someone interferes i will punish her as well. I will pour ganga jal on her. Poonam says this is sin. i wont let you do this. Let her go, there is nothing left. What has she done that you punished her. Dadda ji says who are you to decide? Stay in your limit. He asks his men to take her. she says you can’t do this. Dadda’s men take poonam with her.
Poonam says dadda ji i apologize you please don’t do this. Dadda’s men take Bindya towards the car. Poonam snatches the gun from a guard. She asks the men to leave Bindya. She says come with me Bindya. Dadda ji slaps and shoves Poonam. Her head hits a stone. Poonam holds Bindya’s hand. They take bindya with them. Poonam sits there helpless.

A man tells another man dev, what dadda ji did to Bindya. He says this shouldn’t have happened. The man says we can stop this. We can save her life. If women can hit that dadda ji we can at least save Bindya’s life.
Poonam is faint. She wakes her up head is bleeding. they have taken bindya with them. The woman asks are you okay? Poonam says where is bindya? Where have they taken her? Dadda ji will kill her. The woman says i dont know. I saw your head bleeding. I took you here with me. Poonam says what time is it. The woman says at least dress your wound. Poonam says I have to save Binya.
Poonam tells inspector what dada ji is doing to bindya. Inspector calls his force. Poonam says i will come with you. He says we cant let you sit. Poonam says she needs me. He says I assure you nothing will happen to bindya ji. Go home she will be fine.

Choti amma says to Guddi don’t cry it will affect your child. Guddi says if I and my child is alive today its because of her. I did a mistake, Bindya didn’t do any mistake. She was just fighting for justice. Poonam comes in.
Poonam says please come with me badi amma, Dadda ji will kill her. Maya says we only thought about ourselves. she is a widow and what dadda ji did. She is defamed now its better for her to die. Poonam says why are you saying that. we will save her. Right badi amma? Choti ama says you went to save Guddi, you fought dadda ji then why are you not going for bindya. Only because Guddi is your own blood? Poonam says please badi amma i know you are mad at bindya for that i apologize. Please come with me right now. Please save her or we will lose her forever. Choti amma says your head is bleeding. Poonam says please come badi amma. Badi amma is silent. Maya says Lakhan.. poonam turns back.

Precap- Lakhan says you forgot Priyom. but I haven’t. I couldn’t save him but i will save his wife.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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