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Begusarai 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ananya says to Shakti that i was wrong, you are not a goon but puppet, a puppet of his mother, your mother can make you dance to her tunes as your self-esteem has died, Shakti angrily looks at her, Ananya throws away fruits and leaves from there, Shakti says she maybe daughter of police officer but she cant lecture anyone, i have saved her life but she is not thankful, she doesnt have brain as she is women, she ran in jungle without thinking that any animal can bite her, a scorpio bites Shakti, he is shocked. Shakti comes in house and winces in pain, Ananya gets worried and asks what happened? she looks at his feet and says scorpio has bitten you, Shakti falls unconscious and car keys fall from his pocket, Ananya looks at his car parked outside, she takes car keys and runs from there.

comes back home with herbs, she checks Shakti and thinks if i got late? she checks Shakti’s pulse and says he is alive. She applies herbal water on Shakti’s wound and says thank God i fount it in jungle, she rubs his feet and thinks that medicine should work. Ananya makes herbal medicine and applies it on Shakti’s feet, wipes his wound, Shakti is still unconscious, ananya is worried.
Adarsh’s man is going to farmhouse to give food to Shakti, Ramakant is following him but he loses his sight, Man comes from behind and points gun at Ramakant, Ramakant points gun at him and says i am police officer, i will shoot you rightnow, tell me where Shakti has taken my daughter.
Its morning, Shakti wakes up and sees Ananya sleeping, he sees medicine applied on his wound, he recalls how he fell unconscious after scorpio had bitten him, he says she saved my life and what i did?
Ramakant ties Bindya’s man to tree, Rai comes there and appreciates Ramakant for his efforts, Rai says now we know where your daughter is so Bindya’s game is going to be over.
Shakti looks at ananya sleeping on floor near his bed, he stares her, banjaraa plays, he recalls his moments with Ananya, how she tried to care of his wound earlier too, he keep looking at her, he moves his hand to caress her face but gets call from bindya, he takes call. Bindya says Shakti police got to now about our farm house, they can reach there anytime, its not good for this girl to live, kill her, dump her deadbody and comeback home, she ends call. Shakti looks at Ananya who is still sleeping, he opens cupboard and brings out his revolver, checks bullets in it. He comes to ananya and recalls how Ananya said that she doesnt know about her brother and Soni’s whereabouts, he says i know you are innocent but i cant deny my mother’s order, he points gun at her.
Rai and Ramakant are going towards farmhouse. Brothers are going to farm house too, Samar says Bindya must have called Shakti and he would have killed that girl till now.
Ananya wakes up and finds shakti pointing gun at her, she asks why you are pointing gun at me, shakti says i am fulfilling my mother’s order, i am sorry, he loads gun and shoots.
shakti brings Ananya to mandir, Ananya is Shakti’s arms and unconscious. He makes her lie down in mandir, he says to Lord that i have seem my mother as my God but why my hands shivered to follow her orders? why i couldnt shoot this girl? going against my mother is sin to me, why you are doing this? i never came to you but today suddenly i was drawn here, tell me what should i do? you run world right? so tell me what i have to do? oneside is this girl whom i gave so much pain, she could have runaway but she didnt and otherside is my mother’s order, tell me what to do? He puts one bullet in gun and says i dont know anything, tell me God what to do? if you dont tell me then.. he points gun at ananya.

PRECAP- Ananya is running away from Shakti, shakti asks her to stop, he points gun at her and shoots, ananya falls down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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