Begusarai 24th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 24th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam and Maya leaves from there, Choti amma says to Badi Amma that our both daughter in laws are gold, Badi Amma says but our other daughter in laws(Rekha and Bindya) are bronze, Poonam and Maya have to learn how to deal with them.
Someone comes in room and takes pills from there. Bindya is shouting on servants to bring food, Rekha comes to her with water and ask her to clam down, Bindya ask her to ask Poonam to serve food, i have to go somewhere, Rekha leaves, Bindya calls her mother and says yes i am coming.
Maya brings pills bottle in kitchen, she ask Poonam if we are doing right? Poonam says not stoping evil is also evil, we are right, Rekha comes there and ask what is happening here? Bindya is hungry, make food for her, Poonam says you are right, we should not anger

Bindya else she will shout, today i have to make good food, she leaves with Maya, Rekha is confused with her behavior.
Poonam and Maya are making food, Maya ask her to mix medicine in food. Bindya is waiting for food, she says to Rekha that you have control over Poonam, you asked her to bring food but she didnt, Rekha says i will go and check. Poonam is crushing medicines, Rekha comes there and ask what is happening here? you are taking so much time in bringing food, Poonam hides medicine powder and gives to Maya, Maya mixes medicine in pulse, Rekha says food is ready then why you didnt bring it? i will take it, Poonam says no i will bring it, Rekha says let me take it, Maya points Poonam that she has mixed medicine, Rekha brings pulse for Bindya, Bindya says i have to go somewhere, i dont feel like eating now, Poonam comes and says sorry i will not be late again, Rekha says to Bindya that i have scolded her thats why she is saying sorry to you, Rekha ask Bindya to sit and have food, Rekha gives pulse to Bindya, she serves herself too, Poonam says no you cant eat it, Rekha ask why? Maya says you eat after Bhushan eats, Rekha says dont teach me what i have to do, leave from here, Poonam and Maya tensely leaves, Bindya and Rekha eats pulse which has medicine in it.
Guddi comes to Dolt and ask him to listen her, Dolt says we have nothing to talk about, leave my hand, if your guards see us then they will allege me again, Guddi says i should be miffed you, you left me in that isolated place but i am pacifying you instead, i dont like when you talk angrily with me, i am sorry for that mistake, Dolt says if you are really sorry then prove it, Guddi says tell me what i have to do, Dolt says kiss me right here infront of everyone, Guddi think, she is about to kiss Dolt when she finds Manjeeta coming there, she leaves from there, Dolt is confused, Manjeeta comes to him and ask what is happening here? Dolt says nothing, Manjeeta says its good if there is nothing, if you try to eye Guddi then i will take off your eyes.

Scene 2
Poonam comes to Rekha and offers her water, she says i am sorry, i was late to bring food and you had to listen to Bindya, are you angry with me? Rekha says no, Poonam says you go in room, i will bring oil to massage your feet, Rekha thinks if she is my daughter in law or someone else? she comes in room and sit on bed, she ask Poonam why you are moving around me? did you do some mistake and want me to take your side infront of Lakhan? Poonam says you are thinking wrong, i am your daughter in law, its my duty to serve you, Rekhe says i feel dizzy, why my head is spinning? did you mix something in food? did you mix poison in food? she says if you have tried to kill me then i forgive you, you forgive me too before i die, Poonam ask why you are asking forgiveness? Rekha says i have tortured you alot, God is taking revenge for that, forgive me before Yamraj takes me from world, what is happening with me, my head is spinning, i dont wanna die, do something, my clothes, jewelry everything will remain here, she faints, Maya comes there too, Poonam says i am sorry, that food was for Bindya only, not for you, Maya says dont worry, she will be fine, we should check on Bindya.
Bindya wakes up and finds herself on some deserted place, she find goats there, she says how i came here? she gets angry on Poonam.
Rekha becomes consious, she says i am sure Poonam and Maya played some game, she comes in lounge, Badi amma ask her to come to her, Rekha comes, Badi amma says dont put stress on your mind, just listen whats happening. Bindya comes there and ask who did this with me? who tried to mess with me? she is really angry and has broom in her hands, Rekha says i didnt do it, Bindya says accept your mistake or if i get to know who has done this then i will be worst for that person, Poonam comes there and says you are right, no one is more worst than you in this house, one more thing, if you misbehave with anyone in this house then you will answered back in sameway, Bindya says you will answer me back? it seems like you had done all this, i will teach you lesson now that you will think before doing anything against me, she is about to hit Poonam with broom but Poonam holds it, both stare each other.

PRECAP- Priyom comes to Badi Amma and says Manohar Tauji is coming, Badi Amma gets worried, Bindya says who is this person whose name made this old lady tense? Manohar’s entry is shown.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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