Begusarai 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bindya says for my sons’ unity, i got them married to one girl, all know that i bring one type of thing for 5brothers, if you had gotten married to Shakti then how would i have brought your type of girl for other brothers? thats why i got you married to all brothers and divided to among all of them, you can take it is as your fate or punishment but you will have to stay here only. Ananya looks at brothers in disgust and horror. Ananya says to bindya that even if no one helps me out, i wont accept your decision, let alone your decision, i dont even accept this relation, i will give my life but wont let anyone come near me, Garv is surprised. Ananya says i am leaving this house rightnow. Ananya runs from there. She run towards door but door is closed before she can go out, she cries and

says open door of house please, she cries and begs to open door, Bindya smirks, Mayank feels bad. Ananya breakdowns and falls unconscious, Soni is in tears seeing this.
Its morning. Ananya is lying on bed. She wakes up with headache, she recalls how Bindya said that she have 5husbands, she looks around and sees door of room closed from outside. She tries to open door but its locked, she knocks it and asks to open it, she gets tired and sees 5glasses of milk on table and picture of 5brothers on wall. She is disgusted and throws glasses on picture, she cries. Ananya looks at he mehndi and looks at shakti’s name in it, she tries to wipe it and recalls how her friends were teasing her about her mehndi being dark which means Shakti will love her alot. she looks at her engagement ring, she brings her out of her hand and throws it away. She recalls how she took pheras with all brothers, how they filled her forehead with sindoor, she wipes her sindoor and breaks her Mangalsutra, she throws it away and is in shock.
Its night. Bindya comes to servant and says send 5glasses of milk to Ananya’s room and keep door closed else she will try to run again, she should not run this time, she stares Soni and Maya and says she should not run till my sons dont capture her.
Bindya comes to sons and says to sons that i have written your names on chits. Whose name on chit will come out, that son will spend night first with Ananya and will take revenge from her for insulting, she played with my respect, she should feel same pain now, from now brothers will spend night Ananya one by one, she says Adarsh is elder so he will take out chit. Adarsh takes one chit and opens it, Garv asks whose name is written, Amar asks if his name is written? Adarsh says no its Shakti’s name, Shakti is stunned, Adarsh smirks, Bindya smiles and says its good, Shakti have worked hard so he deserves this, go and make your bride understand, always remember that girl is just a need here, she wont get any right here, Shakti nods.
Servant comes to ananya’s room, keep milk there and goes from room after locking it. Ananya stares milk. Soni comes there, Ananya looks away, Soni closes door and comes to Ananya, she says dont sit in dark and dont lose hope of light, Bindya has taken out chit and whose name will come out, that brother will have marriage night with you, brother can come anytime, this is time, run from here, go from back door, there will be less security, she goes from her room, Ananya thinks. Shakti starts coming to Ananya’s room. Ananya comes out of her room and runs from there. Shakti is coming to her room. Ananya hides from Bindya’s guards and thinks that i cant run from here, i have to runaway through terrace. Ananya comes on terrace and sees guard there, she runs from there. Guard sees her running and shouts. Guard comes to Bindya and says Ananya is trying to runaway.

PRECAP- Ananya have thrown kerosene in whole kitchen. All family members come there, Ananya lits matchstick and says to Bindya and brothers that dont come near me else i will burn this place, i will die and you all will die with me, Shakti tries to come to her but Bindya stops him, Ananya says to Shakti that i am serious, i will burn down everything, dont come near me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Loool the writers are crazy

  2. writers u really really need a good doc… kaise koi lead hero ko itna gira hua dikha sakta hai aur kaise vapas se ananya ko usi se pyar ho jaega. a new men lead is needed in this case


  4. i think shakti might be doing drama

  5. rip begusarai..such a beautiful story it was.just to show so called mahabharat story with crappy ppl they killed laakham,mithilesh,vanished rekha,bhushan,old maya seriously rip

  6. Bindiya is really a cheap woman?.poor Anu ?good precap.?Anu good job?u should burn them?

  7. How can a girl get married to five men. Seriously such a stupid writers. Begusarai was the good serial with fresh plot and now it was one the worst serial. And ananya good job u should punish all of them

  8. serial k poora naksha hi change kar diye

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