Begusarai 24th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 24th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan says Poonam you didnt do good by cheating me, i am coming in your sangeet to change it in mourning. Sangeet is going on in Haveli, Bindya comes there and finds Guddi and others dancing, she thinks that today is celebration of my vitory, dance as much as you want.
Phulan is on terrace, he is talking on phone, Mitlaish comes from behind with Gun, he points gun at Phulan.
Poonam tries to switch on her phone but its not working, she says how to tell him that i am stuck here, she gets worried and sees time up, she says what if he comes here? Mitlaish is coming near Phulan pointing gun at him, Phulan has back on him, he has tears in his eyes and hands shivering, Mitliash recalls his childhood days with Phulan, how Phulan used to take him to school, how he asked Mitlaish to become

his right hand when he was 20years old, how he arranged his marriage with Maya, he closes eyes, tries to shoot but falls on floor crying, Phulan sees him, Mitlaish hugs him, Phulan says if you think that by killing me, everything will be solved then you can kill me and i will forgive you for this, Mitlaish sys kill me, i wanted to kill a person who supported me from my childhood, what kind of man i am? I am hating myself for this, i am very bad, Phulan says no one is totally bad or good, everyone has bad and good side, i have bad side too, you thought to kill your father was wrong but you didnt do it was good, its true that i dont like somethings in you but it doesnt mean i dont love you, you are my first child, i am proud of you, Mitlaish cries and very emotionally says sorry, Phulan hugs him and consoles him.

Scene 2
Lakhan and Dolt comes to house located infront of Haveli. Poonam is knocking door of room, someone opens it, she leaves from there. Lakhan finds Phulan and Mitlaish talking on terrace, Lakhan says Poonam did good by betraying me, now i will finish king and his right hand, if i kill them then i will get Poonam and also Begusarai, he points gun at Phulan.
Rekha is playing dhol in her house, she recalls how he said to Priyom that my son will become king and that day i will play dhol in whole begusarai. Lakhan is pointing gun at Phulan when suddenly Priyom comes on terrace too, Lakhan hides, Priyom says to himself why Phulan and Mitliash looks emotional, he finds Lakhan pointing gun at Phulan from other house, he is shocked, Priyom runs to save Phulan, he shouts papa, Lakhan shoots but Priyom pushes Phulan away, Poonam comes there too and shouts Priyom, Manjeeta comes there and protects them, Phulan gets up and sees that bullet has hit Priyom’s shoulder, Mitlaish and Phulan tries to wake him up, Phulan ask Mitlaish to take Priyom from there, he will take care of Lakhan, Phulan says to Lakhan that if you have guts them come infront like me, he shoots but Lakhan hides, Manjeeta says Lakhan has brought whole force with him but we will not leave him, Phulan ask Priyom to go away but Priyom sys no we have to handle this, Mitlaish says we should end this matter now, they all take their positions and starts shooting at Lakhan, there is cross fire from both sides, Poonam is witnessing all this, her phone starts working, she calls Lakhan, he takes the call and says did you see result of betraying? i will kill everyone and will take you from here, Poonam says i didnt betray you, i was stuck here, Lakhan says you think i will believe you after all this, Poonam says i swear on my mother i was stuck here, Lakhan says so treat is as punishment for getting late, i will finish everyone today, Poonam ask him to stop it, firing is going on from both sides, Poonam points gun at her forehead and says if you dont stop then i will shoot myself, stop it else you will never get me, Lakhan looks at her, he ask Dolt to stop it, Dolt leaves from with this men, Poonam says i will comes to you myself, stop this bloodshed, Lakhan says i am agreeing with you second time and if you dont come this time then i will shoot Priyom directly, then i will take pheras around his deadbody, i will marry you only, now you decide where you want your mandap to be? Poonam says i will come, Lakhan says i will wait for you, he leaves, Poonam drops gun, she looks at Priyom and says i can love you but i have no desire to get you, you will be in m heart always but my body will be with someone else, from today there will be no bloodshed in Begussarai because of a girl,


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hate lakhn .ponam u belong to priyom

  2. love u lakhan.u stop bcoz poonam want the same.u are his true love.

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