Begusarai 24th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 24th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rekha says i should put this diary in Dolt’s room, Lakhan will read it and then will teach lesson to Poonam.
She comes in Dolt’s room and finds Lakhan there, she hides diary and thinks if he finds diary in my hand then will scold me only, she is about to leave but Lakhan stops her, diary falls from her hands, he says why are you coming in like thieves? she says you joke alot, i came here to check if you need anything but you are fine, she bends down and puts diary under table, he ask what are you doing now? she says my back has pain so i was doing yoga, Lakhan ask her to go in her room and do it there, she starts leaving and looks at diary under table, she smirks and says if he read it then my son will remain mine else he will become poonam’s for life.

recalls her marriage with Lakhan, how he gets angry on small things, she says i have to tell him truth even if my death is payment of it.
Rekha thinks to check on Lakhan if he read diary or not, she comes in Dolt’s room, Lakhan sits down to pick up something, REkha is waiting for him to see diary, Lakhan doesnt see diary and gets up, he says you had pain in back? Rekha says i came to give you milk, she puts milk down near diary, he ask have you gone mad? give it to me, she says its because of back pain that i put it down, Lakhan says i will take it, you leave, Lakhan bends down, takes milk glass and doesnt see diary, Rekha thinks her luckis very good.

Scene 2
Poonam is getting ready, she tries to lock necklace but cant, Lakhan comes and tries to lock it in her neck, she gets up and gets afraid, she says i will do it, he ask her to give necklace, she gives it to him, he ask her to sit down, i will make you wear it, she sits down, Lakhan makes her wear it, he comes closer and tries to lock it with his teeth, Poonam is feeling uneasy and closes her eyes, he locks it, both look at each other in mirror, she gets up, Lakhan looks at her, Poonam says i wanna say something, Lakhan says speak, i am listening, why are you taking deep breaths, poonam says its important for you to know, I and.. Phulan comes and shouts Lakhan, Lakhan and Poonam are stunned to listen his voice, Lakhan says Phulan thakur at my house? he goes to meet him.
Phulan comes in lounge, Rekha greets him and ask everything fine? he says to make everything fine, i have come here, Lakhan comes there, he says what thing you want to talk that begusarai’s king has come here, Phulan says not king but your father’s elder brother and your elder papa has come to talk to you, Lakhan says what you want from me? guns? business or my life? what you want? Phulan smiles, Poonam listens all this too, Phulan says no i dont want any of this, i only want your little time, Lakhan says its difficult to give time, Phulan looks sadly at Poonam, she greets him, Phulan says no one has time but person have to manage it, i am waiting for you in room, he starts to go to room, Poonam touches his feet, he goes in room, Lakhan says to Bhushan that i wont go anywhere, Bhushan says he is elder to you, have some shame, Rekha is this time to talk? my son is not servant like you that he orders and he will run, Bhushan says be silent, he ask Lakhan to listen his father if not Phulan, i request you to meet him once, Lakhan thinks and leaves.
Lakhan and Bhushan comes in room where Phulan is waiting, Phulan looks at Lakhan, Lakhan stares him too, Rekha thinks my story is stuck and Phulan came here, dont know where this story is going, i should check what story they are cooking to trap my son, she comes to Poonam and ask why are you standing here? do you wanna listen to their talk? no? then go to your room, Poonam goes to her room.

Scene 3
Lakhan laughs and says Phulan want us to stay at his house, he laughs and sys you wanna make me your pet, Phulan says we want to accept you, Lakhan says how you are showing so much love suddenly? Phulan says i always loved you but you did mistake which i didnt endorse and never will but i have not come to point out mistake, when my 4 sons used to stand together, nobody used to cast eye on us and now people are taking advantage of separation, this Tiwari is fooling you, he will not do business with you instead will snatch your money, Lakhan says i know to do war and business and you have seen that, Rekha is listening this and thinks why he is showing ego? Phulan have cartons full of money, if both families become one then my dream will be fulfilled, say yes. Phulan says my hands were stopped by relations but that is not my weakness, i am not here to fight, i have come to make you understand, i am here to invite you at my house, come to our house, your Badi amma wants to see both families live together till she dies, she wants to end this bloodshed, she wants to see us together, Lakhan looks on.

PRECAP- Lakhan comes in lounge and finds Poonam’s diary there, he says whose diary is this? he opens to read it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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