Begusarai 24th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 24th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mitlesh says to bari amma we are all sad for priyom but we have to choose a bahu bali for this town now. Badi amma says Phulan decides who will become bahu bali. When he is released from jail he will decide.
A guard comes and says Badi amma dadda ji has taken Bindya to panchaiyat and he will humiliate her here. Badi amma says i have to stop this. Whatever happened she is our daughter in law. Come with me mitlesh. Mitlesh says this is between dadda ji and bindya. Go if you want but i am not coming. Dancers want audience. Badi amma says enough. If you dont want to come dont but I will go. Guddi hears this.

Dadda ji shoves Bindya in the center. Dadda ji points a gun at her.
He says to judges I say welcome to you. Today this dancer has to be punished. Judge says she just

lost her husband and you brought her here. Dadda ji says hey shut up. She is a dancer. My son has died. She made him fool that was her plan. Bindya says you better not name my husband from your dirty tongue. Dadda ji says she changes husbands like clothes. This is what these dancers do. Bindya grunts Manohar thakur.. Dadda ji says I know that’s my name.
Dadda ji says widow is given white as a symbol of peace but look at this widow. Bindya says you are a stain on humanity. Every widow’s husband is not murdered. D

Guddi comes to Poonam and tells her about what dadda ji is doing. Poonam says you stay here I will check it. Dadda ji says see her mouth.
Dadda ji says now i will tell you what it costs to mess with a thakur. Whole begusarai will watch. No woman will ever dare to go to courts again.
Poonam is running towards the panchaiyat.
Badi amma comes and says stop. We dont have to be like her to punish her. Forget her like a nightmare. Dadda ji says to his men keep the gun at her.
Dadda ji says to badi amma dont you know our rituals? Women dont interfere in men’s matters. Do i come in kitchen? Do you want to lose another son?
He shows her Khera’s picture. He says if police finds him nothing will be able to save Mitlesh. Now go from here.
Dada ji says I am sure she murdered Priyom.
Bindya says everyone knows mitlesh murdered Priyom and God knows I loved him. Daddaji says this love doesn’t suit your mouth. dadda ji says she killed priyomm and now she wanted mitlesh to go to jail. Enough now. Judge says dada ji what are you saying. Dadda ji says shut up. My men have surrounded. She humiliated me in front of my village. And she shoved me in ditch. No woman will ever dare doing this. I will write history today.
Judge says we agree. what punish do you wanna give her?
Bindya tries to run dadda ji grasps her sari. everyone is bewildered. Women lower their gaze. Poonam comes running. She stands in front of Bindya and says no. She says no matter how much you hate her she is thakur’s daughter in law. She is priyom’s name. Please don’t do this. Dadda ji says you should have thought that before humiliating me. Dadda ji’s men take Poonam with her. She screams no, I wont go and grasps bindya but they take her away.

Dadda ji unwraps Bindya’s saari. She cries and screams. Poonam says please stop it dadda ji. Poonam says someone please stop this.

Precap-Everyone has their gazes lowered. Bindya sits there in tears.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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