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Scene 1
Poonam says I should talk to dolt about it and then I will tell maa about it. Lakhan comes in. Poonam takes her clothes out of closet. Lakhan says I wanna talk to you. Poonam says you don’t need permission to talk to me. Tell me how you wanna punish me now? He says not punish. Poonam ignores him, he holds her arm and says listen. I made a mistake. She says you wanna apologize? But you will never say it. Your ego is way too bigger. Rather order to forgive, I will. he says please be quite. Poonam says look, your voice trembles when you have to apologize. You can never understand me. I have told you so many times that you are my everything. But your trust is like a bubble. You didn’t even think once before shooting me. What didn’t i do. You don’t deserve my live. I

am not scared of you anymore. You will punish me, but all I am saying is truth. You never loved me. Because to love you have to trust first. You have to close your eyes and walk the road. I don’t have any hope from you. She leaves. Lakhan says okay, from today I promise there will be only one mission of my life. To trust you. The sun might displace but my trust never. This is my promise.

Poonam comes to her mom. She says I made your favorite dish. Poonam says no I will eat later. Poonam says where is dolt? She says he has no time to come home. He went out and didn’t tell me. Please talk to him. Poonam says he has to answer my questions. Poonam calls Dolt but his number is off. Poonam says how long will you run? one day you have to face me.
Poonam says I forgot to buy shampoo. Poonam asks maya can I use yours? She says yes soni is taking bath. Lakhan comes to poonam and says I was saying.. She leaves.
Lakhan goes to market and buys a shampoo for her. He says this is for men, I need for women. He asks what kind? Lakhan is confused.

Poonam comes to her room and sees all kind of shampoos on her table. She says where did they come from. Lakhan says i knew that you wanted shampoo but didn’t know which one you use. So I bought all of them. Use the one you want. Rest of the one, anyone in house can use.
This one looks better for you. Poonam doesn’t answer. She goes to shower. Lakhan sees the shampoo in her hand.

Lakhan is sitting alone. Badi amma says is she still bugged? He says i can never figure her mood. She wanted to shampoo I brought all the ones available in the market. But she, she used maya’s. Badi amma laughs. Lakhan says this is not a joke. She says you could get her some jewelry. He says she doesn’t like jewelry. Give me a suggestion related to me. She says send some thugs to catcall her then hit them and become the hero. He says don’t joke. And no one has courage to catcall my wife. She says if you had watched movies you would know how to impress her. He says okay I am going to watch movies.
Badi amma says I should talk to poonam that lakhan wants to change.

Guddi recalls what Dolt did to her. Poonam comes in her room and hugs her. She says don’t cry. Everything will be okay. Guddi says I will regret all my life. I was crying and he was laughing. He must be laughing right now as well. And I am crying, there is nothing else i can do. Poonam says what are you saying. Guddi says I am right.
The moment that had to be the most beautiful moment, became the worst moment of my life. Poonam says I wish i could change what happened. He is my brother that doesn’t save him from punish of his sins. He has done wrong and he has to pay for it. I will be on your corner always. Dolt will be standing in front of you and you will decide his punishment. I give you my word. They hug. Guddi sees badi amma on door. They are both dazed. Badi amma says what is it? I trusted you so much Poonam. You lied whole family. Poonam says please dont talk loud i will explain you everything. I didn’t know what to do. If i had told truth Guddi’s brothers would have killed dolt and dadda ji would have killed guddi. I took the blame on me. I wont let the name our family be ruined. Badi amma says where is dolt? Poonam says he is not home and his phone is off. Badi amma says he knew that manjita would be the first person to kill him. He has ran away. Poonam says for now please dont tell anyone. If dadda ji finds out he will destroy everything. Guddi says please forgive me dadi. I made a mistake. Badi amma says this is not a forgivable mistake. They hear dadda ji saying there is no point in crying now. Guudi gets scared. badi amma and poona go out to see whats happening.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Ab hmare angry man lakhan thakur apni thakurain ko manane ki koshish kr rhe h… Luv this track LakhAm luv u… Thnk u so much atiba

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  4. cute epi..laakhan’s cute antics r so funny specially his expression after knowing there are so many ranges of shampoos..loving it..poonam u r also doing wrong hope she ll say sorry too whenever mutual confession gonna happen

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