Begusarai 23rd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 23rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mitlesh says this is my house who are you? He comes close. He says should I show you my power? He slams the belt at her but she saves herself. Mitlesh shoves her on bed. Priyom knocks at the door and says please open the door. Mitlesh says Bindya I feel so good when you scream. My soul has cried because of you. Poonam Lakhan and everyone comes there. Mitlesh says I want to kill you. Badi amma says open the door. Mitlesh says you ruined my family. Priyom and lakhan says open the door mitlesh. Mitlesh says its not a sin to kill you. Badi amma says Priyom break the door. Priyom and lakhan break the door. Mitlesh is about to slam her. Priyom grasps his collar. Rekha hugs bindya. Pooan says are you okay? Priyom says how dare you? Mitlesh says for her you’ll hit me? Priyom says to hell

with the brotherhood. Today either you or me. Priyom hits him. Badi amma says leave him. Priyom says i will kill him. He hits mitlesh. Lakhan takes priyom out. Priyom says I would have killed you if i didn’t care about maya bhabhi and kids.
They all go out. Badi amma says you have done something even more shameful than Guddi. Shame on you. Priyom says sleep now I wont go anywhere. She holds his hand.

Mitlesh is out. He comes to meet dadda ji. Mitlesh says where were you?
Rekha says I am so worried. Bindya must be very upset. Priyom says she is fine. Badi amma says take care of her. Maya says Priyom I am sorry on Mitlesh’s behalf. I know its unforgivable. I should separate from him for his behavior but I am helpless for my kids. Priyom says you don’t need to apologize. It wasn’t your fault. I am proud to have a bhabhi like you. Forget what happened. Its late, go to kids and sleep with them.
Priyom tries to console Bindya. He says don’t blame yourself. I swear no one will insult you after today. He hugs her and makes her drink water. Priyom says stop crying now and sleep for sometime. He covers her with a blanket and caresses her face.

Dadda says to Mitlesh never take enemy weak. You are there, to handle it. Mitlesh says I am not scared of anyone because I know how to control them. My brother doesn’t know. He hit me today. For that bindya. Dadda says priyom didn’t do good. this is why I decided that you’ll become bahubali of Begusarai. From now on do as I ask. Okay? Mitlesh nods. He to shove all these dogs out of our palace I have to become bahubali. Dadda says the war has errupted. Listen carefully. I will stay here and you will execute and work there. Do whatever you can. Mitlesh says I promise I’ll do what is better for bgusarai.

Badi amma sees Mitlesh doing pooja in the morning. He Mitlesh admits all his sins and wants to atone. He says from same belt I hurt Bindya I will hurt myself now. Badi amma says what are you doing? He says purifying myself. I want negativity to be extracted out of me. Bindya is daughter in law of this house as well. Badi amma says don’t do this. Priyom and Bindya come. Mitlesh comes near them. Bindya hides behind Priyom.

Precap-Lakhan says I swear in front of this fire that from now own our relationship is over. Some man sees Bindya’s photo in newspaper.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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