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Begusarai 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ananya says what are you saying? Bindya says i am saying truth, you have married my 5sons. your first husband Adarsh Thakur, Adarsh comes there, Bindya says your 2nd husband is Garv Thakur, Garv comes there, Bindya says your 3rd husband is Amar Thakur, amar comes there, Bindya says Samar Thakur is your 4th husband, Samar comes there, Bindya says Shakti Thakur is your 5th husband, Ananya is shocked, Bindya says you have taken pheras in this order. Ananya says are you in your senses, Garv says wifey talk to her with respect, Bindya says be silent Garv, she is my daughter in law and this fight happens between mother in law and daughter in law. Bindya says truth is that they are you husbands, Ananya says i dont accept this, Bindya says but infront of all, you have taken pheras with my 5brothers,

they have filled your forehead with sindoor, have done all rituals together. Badi Amma, Soni and Maya comes there too. Bindya says dont you remember you made them eat sweetdish with your hands? i thought you are clever and will understand this, Ananya says this cant be possible, i have loved Shakti and he is my husband and no one else. Garv smirks. Ananya asks where is Shakti? she calls out Shakti’s name and asks Bindya to call Shakti, he cant cheat me, where is Shakti? she shouts for Shakti. Shakti comes there, ananya is elated to see him, she runs and hugs Shakti but he doesnt hug her back, ananya cries and says see what they are saying, they are saying that i have 5husbands, tell them that this is wrong and you are my only husband, i love you and you love me, you have married me only, tell them, speak Shakti, speak up. I am very scared here, i dont wanna live here, take me from here, Shakti says where will we go? this is your house now and we 5brothers are you husbands, Ananya is shocked to listen this, he pushes away Ananya, Ananya says you.. Shakti says you thought that i love you? how could you even think that? because of you my mother’s respect was gone, she went to jail because of you, how could you think that i will love you? i didnt love you, i just cheated you and i have taken revenge of my mother’s disrespect done by you, Ananya says our love.. this cant be true.. it cant happen, i dont accept this marriage, Shakti laughs. Ananya says i dont accept this marriage, in which world you people live in? she says to Bindya that this is India, here one women have only one husband, Bindya says even Mahabharat happened in India and there draupati had five husbands, you must have read it right? Ananya is stunned and says this is illegal, Bindya laughs and says this is illegal? you know this is my Begusarai and this is my havli and only Maa thakurain’s rule work here and Maa thakurain have taken decision for your sins. These 5brothers are your husbands and you should accept it as it will be good for you, if you think it as your pride then you will remain happy instead of thinking it as curse. Ananya is disgusted, she comes to Badi Amma and says tell her that she is wrong, this doesnt happen, Badi Amma looks down, Ananya asks why she is silent? tell her that this is wrong, Badi Amma looks away. Ananya asks Maya to speak up, tell her that this is wrong, Maya looks down. Mayank comes there too. Ananya comes to soni and says please speak up, you are like my sister, tell her that this is wrong, what they are doing is wrong, you are daughter of this house, they will agree if you tell them, this is wrong, what is this 5husbands? this is wrong, Soni looks away and is sad. Ananya sees Mayank there, she runs to him and says you know they have done cheating with us, take me home, this is not house but hell, people are mad here, they are speaking anything, Mayank says relax, where will i take you? i live here too, this is your house too, you should be happy, Maa thakurain will make you queen of this house, you will rule this house, Bindya says your brother is clever ananya, he gave his life to make our plan successful, he will keep getting reward for that, Ananya is disgusted and slaps Mayank hard, all smirk. Ananya says i am ashamed of calling you my brother, Bindya says what you think that i will do your aarti? you made our respect, our daughter runaway from our house, you made me go to jail infront of whole Begusarai, you made our brothers fight each other, Garv and Shakti fought because of you, my Shakti lied to me because of you, instead of killing you, he made you runaway, i can bear anything but i cant bear if anyone tries to separate my sons. So much happened because of you and you thought that i will forgive you easily? my sons should remain united and for that i made them get married to you only.

PRECAP- Ananya says to sons that i have written your names on chits. Whose name on chit will come out, that son will spend night first with Ananya, they will spend night Ananya one by one.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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