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Begusarai 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Badi Amma comes to Lakhan and says i doubted when Poona informed me about someone blackmailing her on call and how her room was messed up, Lakhan says Komal is going to killed by me, Badi Amma says deal with her calmly, Lakhan gets Mitlaish’s call, Mitlaish says Komal have done it, i have got her man so he told me everything, he will tell me about her den, i am going to meet her, Lakhan says family is alone at home, you should not go alone, Mitlaish says Bindya should not be left alone, you stay with her, i will go alone, Lakhan says Bindya has given birth to baby boy, Mitlaish says atleast we got some happy news, dont leave her alone, i will finish Komal the i will come to see young Priyom, Lakhan nods and ends call.
Mitlaish sits in his car and starts going to komal’s

den, he sees few people following him, he says i need to confront them, he stops his car and hides. Komal’s man sees jeep coming to den, he plants bomb there, Mitlaish’s men with komal’s abducted man strikes with bomb and their car explodes, Mitlaish comes there and sees it, he says so she made this trap to kill her man which we got.
Lakhan tell everything to Badi Amma, he says dont worry Mitlaish is fine, Badi Amma says we have to do something about Komal, nurse comes and says bindya is conscious and safe, Lakhan says to Badi Amma that dont tell anything to Bindya, she has bore alot of pain already, Badi Amma nods and goes.
Komal meets her man, he says Mitlaish beat me so i had to take your name else they would have killed me, Komal says you should have done suicide, man says what would happen to my kids without me, Komal points gun at him and says you will die, she fires at him but gun doesnt have bullet, Komal says you have good luck, she says now you will fire at me, she gives gun to him and asks him to shoot, he says i cant shoot you, Komal says dont worry, just fire, man says dont waste time, Mitlaish can come here anytime, Komal asks him to shoot, he points gun at her, Komal cuts his throat with knife, she says i have to welcome Mitlaish so i had to kill you, she laughs.
Poonam sees someone calling her, she says it must be Komal’s call, she takes call and says Komal why dont you leave us alone? live your life, Komal says i am already dead, i was living for someone be he is gone, you know whom i loved, you know you was my life, Poonam says whom you are talking about? Komal says i told you to let Lakhan leave home, why did you let him go? Lakhan is dead because of you, Poonam says you are lying, Komal says i wish you were saying truth but truth is that he is dead, we both will live like widow now, one as wife and one as his lover, Poonam says nothing will happen to him, Poonam loses balance and falls from stairs but Lakhan holds her in time, Poonam hugs him tightly.

Scene 2
Lakhan brings Poonam to room and says if i had not come on time today then you know what would have happened today? Komal is dramaqueen, why did you come in her trap? why are you crying? nothing has happened to me, see i am fine, Poonam hugs him and says if anything happens to you then i will die, Lakhan says i wont let it happen, we will live for 90years, i want see your hair go white, i want your wrinkled face, i want see how you would look in old age, Poonam smiles, he asks her to take rest, he looks at her belly and says my Thakur, let your mother sleep, dont kick or tease her, Sanam re plays, Lakhan wipes Poonam’s tears, he asks if she needs water? she nods, he makes her drink water, he shows her soft toy and plays with it like toy is his child, Poonam smiles at his antics, she takes toy from him as he doesnt handle it with care, he holds his ears as punishment, Poonam asks him not to, he hugs her and kisses her forehead, he makes Poonam lie on bed and makes her sleep.
Its morning, Bindya comes back home. Badi Amma says new life is going to begin for you, she asks bindya to show this Priyom his house. Bindya enters house, Poonam stops her and says let us welcome with you aarti, she does baby’s aarti, Mitlaish comes there too, Lakhan asks him to meet junior Thakur, Mitlaish blesses baby and gifts him gold chain, Bindya smiles, Poonam says now its my turn, you all will be happy to see my gift, she calls Pinto who bring Priyom’s picture, all get emotional seeing it, Poonam says junior thakur, he is your father, Badi amma says to picture that dont worry, we will keep your child safe, she says till Komal’s matter is not solved, bindya will live in her mother’s house, Bindya says no he is Priyom’s son and brace like Priyom too thats why after bearing all this, he has come to my life, i dont wanna teach him to runaway from problems, he will not runaway, he will fight with every situation with his family, Lakhan says she is right, he is brave thakur, Poonam says we are strong when we are together, dont separate us, your sons wont let anything happen to this family, Badi Amma agrees.
Announcement is done in whole Begusarai that whoever will find Komal, will get prize money for it, Komal’s picture is spread in city too.
Komal is walking on street with her face covered, she stumbles and a man sees her face and says she is same girl on which Mitlaish has put prize.

PRECAP- Poonam brings milk for Bindya’s child. Komal calls her and Mitlaish is at my den, now you decide if you will save Bindya’s baby or Mitlaish? the milk which you have given to her baby has Poison, Poonam is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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