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Begusarai 23rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam gives a look to Badi amma and leaves Haveli. Mitlaish is drunk, Bindya comes in his room, he looks at her and ask how dare you come in my bedroom? did you forget your place? Bindya says you come in my bedroom or i come in yours, its same, you are thinking wrong, i am not here to do something mushy, i saw you in pain so came to ask you, Mitlaish says how you are caring for me? Bindya says i always care for you but i dont meet you else Phulan will scold you, i couldnt stop myself today seeing you in this state, Mitlaish says which state? Bindya says i can see your tongue stammering, you cant stand properly, one glass of wine has made you lose senses, Mitlaish says no one can rule over me, he drinks wine and says i can drink whole bottle and can handle women like you, dont forget you

worth, he is about to fall but Bindya supports him, Mitlaish sit on sofa, Bindya says whats need of all this? you have managed whole business all life for this family and they dont even care for you, they risked your kids for that Poonam, today Priyom’s marriage is more important to Phulan than you and your kids and its right as unmarried king will not look good, you know Priyom has been chosen as next king by Phulan, Mitlaish ask who told you all this? bindya says walls have ears too and i am just human, all i know is that Phulan is not doing good with you, Mitlaish gets sad.

Scene 2
Badi Amma thinks i will not forget what Poonam did, i pray that Lakhan becomes good, i am sorry for this injustice Poonam. Bindya says to Mitlaish that whole life you worked hard and Priyom roamed around freely and now Phulan is making him king, tell me one thing are you step son of Phulan? he ask her to shut up, bindya says i will stop it but all will question you like this, when man doesnt get what he deserve then people points that man is undeserving and incapable, Mitlaish is shocked, she says have you thought that when Priyom will become king, business will be ruled by his girls, your hard work of years will be finished, this is not right, all have gone blind, you have to take off blindfold from their eyes, Mitlaish thinks, Bindya says you have to save your family from Lakhan and save Begusarai from Priyom, Mitlaish ask how can i? bindya says just finish the root cause, you have to find who is root cause of all this and you have to finish it soon else you will be gone, Mitlaish recalls how Phulan has many times gone against him, how Phulan thinks that Priyom deserve to be king, Mitlaish drinks more wine, he brings out his pistol, Bindya smiks, Mitlaish is frustrated, Bindya is leaving when she finds Poonam leaving Haveli, she says its celebration night, tonight Poonam will go to Lakhan and Mitlaish will kill his father and will go to jail and then Priyom will be handled by me, Priyom can become king of Beguarai but i will rule this Begusarai.
Lakhan gets message from Poonam, it says that she is coming. Poonam comes to her room, she sadly looks at family picture. Dolt ask Lakhan do you really love my sister? Lakhan stares him. Priyom comes to Poonam and says i couldnt read your eyes but i have read your personal diary, how stupid i am that i didnt get whats in your heart, and you also fell in love with me? how and when? in whole world, you know me well, you know i am a flirt, i can be friendly but i cant love, i am not loyal to any girl and after knowing all this, you loved me, i am more fool than you, i thought you said yes for marriage because of Lakhan’s drama, Poonam sadly looks at him, Priyom says i loved a girl too, passionately loved her but when heart broke, i stopped loving, Poonam looks away, Priyom says i am sorry, i cant love you, i can love anyone, i am not breaking your heart but i cant lie too, Poonam wipes her tears, Priyom says but i can promise, that our friendship will remain intact after marriage, do you agree to this friendly marriage? Poonam thinks that now i have relief that your heart will not break when i will go to Lakhan, you will not get hurt, its enough for me, she smiles and agree to him, Priyom says one more thing, i got to know many things about you so i will read your diary in detail now, Poonam says this personal, you cant read it, Priyom says why? she tries to take diary from him, both come closer, Poonam glances him and then moves back, she sees 5 mins remaining in deadline, Priyom goes out of room and closes door from outside, Poonam ask why are you doing this? Priyom says else you wont let me read diary, i will open it after reading diary, Poonam says i will not stop you but please open door, Priyom leaves, Lakhan sees time up, he calls Poonam, Poonam is about to take call but mobile falls from her hands, Lakhan gets angry on her.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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