Begusarai 23rd January 2016 Written Episode Update


Begusarai 23rd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

LT dares bindiya that when she was facing injustice he was against it and tried to support her but now she is wrong and this family is going through injustice so if she doesn’t stop he will b against her for them…bhanu intervenes and shows him MMS of bhushan being tied and beaten ( Saba papa chah Gaye. …they r practicing 50 shades on him Wink…if Rekha mummy gonna lobb the new rules of privacy)LT ask him where is he ..bhanu mocks him saying if he doesn’t stop poking his nose in revenge saga his dad will b dead meat …lt gives a disgusted look but he is helpless as dad is captivated …he could not save the kids and they r locked in storeroom (now I get why komal evacuated storeroom from poonam ..its gonna b punishment room for revenge saga…but still me and

Andy will keep a close watch on her Mann ma emotion jaage..)

Dinner is served for bindu, bhanu and her mom …they have a hearty meal ..Rekha mummy says can she have something to eat ..bindiya says first her champa chamelis will have food and they will wash thier dishes and rest of the food will go to dustbin ..but as she is happy with Rekha and CA for following her orders they can have good komal too as she is guest but rest of them cannot …Rekha mom eats ..komal brings food for mithilesh and makes him eat it with her sweet talk ( for some reason I have a weird feeling she wants to punish mithilesh v hard …she is slowly making him fall for her …v soon mithilesh is gonna fall into the pit of drugs ..for some reason LT is kept out of this …but why??? He helped only bindiya why LT is preferred by komal to go torture free ..she even saved Laakham from dadda ..she shifted poo to the room she was looking at them all lovingly that day in kitchen ..itna pyaar kahe???)she brings food for BA and CA too but BA says she will feed the kids first by herself …she goes to feed them when bindiya catches her she throws of the plate and says as they have tried to b smart with her now the kids will go hungry for three days and no water too ..Maya pleads by girofying on her feet but bindu doesn’t budge …BA begs in front of her …bindu with a sadistic pleasure says she is happy to see her beg now she will know how begging feels when bcoz of them so many children and thier parents have to beg …if she can beg and people give her food the kids can have it but now in haveli kitchen no food will b made for kids

BA comes to her room and takes out a Desi karta and is ready to kill bindu ( her example of dadda cannot finish u is so wrong …I thought she was intelligent ..but she is the most idiot one …has she thought why bindiya killed dadda in one go and keeping them alive??? She could have killed them too the same instance she entered haveli but she kept them alive to see how it feels when u r put in the same situation as you have put others …how F*ing cold this world is and why a child decides to go for a hooker )priyom pics flies in the room and BA stops on killing bindiya as she too knows it was her who couldn’t stop injustice on bindu so she takes a phata hua kambal and goes out to beg …nobody give her alms but mocks her she gets the message what bindiya wanted to give about this cold world but then she is chased by some men and BA flees and hides from them

Precap: Maya enquires about BA who is no where to b found and BA returns home hurt as some men attacked on her ..bindu is furious on komal that they fixed a deal of BA getting the insult she deserves but not beat up and why did she break the rule …komal doesn’t give a damn

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