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Begusarai 23rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan says is there anything left in the lecture we taught you. Badi amma says he is the elder of this house. He can come whenever he wants. Lakhan says have you forgotten what he did to Guddi. Badi says dont need to shout in front of him. Lakhan leaves.
Bindya is coming in the house. Badi amma says stop. You can’t live with us any more. There is no one who is yours in this house. You have no right to live here. Bindya says this is my husband’s house and no one can stop me from coming in there. Badi amma says don’t you have any shame? Bindya says are you ashamed of your injustice. Badi amma says get out of here. Bindya says I will stay and see who stops me. Dadda ji shoves her out. He says you are not allowed in this house. Everyone woman will think so mnay times

because doing this. Bindya says do you think you can scare me? I will show the truth to the world. You have forgotten the day priyom was married, it was his birthday. Everyone saw his dead body coming. They all saw the bullet in his chest. How will you shut everyone up? Now do whatever you want. This fight will end when Priyom gets justice.

Lakhan says I want to hit dadda ji, he is about to punch the door. Poonam stops him. She says what would Bindya do? Lakhan says she wont do anything. when a person is mad they lose their mind. But if they have love in heart they understand. Phone rings. Lakhan says i will show dadda ji his place.
Dadda ji says to mitlesh I kept making the same mistake. I kept cleaning the mirror. I will bring your wife’s bangles, wear them and sit at home. That is what she wants. You have not done any mistake. He says I have played my game.

Bindya says to the guard open the gate. Mitlesh says enough. The license you had to enter the house has expired. Now without my permission you wont go in or go out. Bindya says you cant decide what I would do. Mitlesh says this is not your father or husband’s house. You cant even breathe without my permission. He says my gun can kill you and I will hang your body on street. Bindya says these threats cant fear me. When a woman loses her husband she becomes powerful. You will spend rest of your life in jail. Keep that in mind. Dadda’s man points gun at bindya. she grasps it. Poonam runs to help her. Badi amma stops her.Bindya points it at dadda ji, she asks all guards to leave. Mitlesh says leave it bindya. Bindya shoves dadda ji. She goes out. Dadda ji says I wont leave you. You will face the consequence.
Bindya goes to every house and asks people for help.Some people come with her. sHe says wont you help him when he needs you? Dadda ji comes and grasps her arm. Dada ji says this is my court and I am the judge. I will punish her today. Bindya says you are not a God. You cant do anything. A man says leave her dadda ji. Dadda ji takes out a gun and says no one will come forward. He grasps bindya by hair and says now i will tell you. He takes her to center of begusarai.

Precap-Guard says to badi amma dadda ji has caught bindya and taking her to panchaiyat. Dadda ji grasps Bindya’s saari.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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