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Begusarai 22nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Priyom ask Poonam what in your hands? she says nothing, he pins her to wall and ask her to show it, she says leave me, he says you know i am stubborn, Poonam is about to leave but Priyom firmly holds her hand and pulls her closer, she gets tensed, she feels him being in his arms but gets conscious, she ask him to leave as i am getting hurt, he says i am not holding tightly, Guddi comes there and coughs, Priyom gets conscious, Guddi says you will have life to romance but today is Sangeet so leave her, Poonam is reserve for ladies sangeet today but for you whole life she is yours, she ask Poonam to promise him that you will be his, Priyom stares at her, Poonam leaves, Priyom treis to go behind her but Guddi stops him and says its ladies function so boys are not allowed, Poonam will comeback

to you only, Poonam turns and looks at Priyom talking with Guddi, she hides and looks at photos of family, kaisi kaisi kahani song plays, Poonam thinks i remember everything, how we used to fight and make up in childhood, wish life had stopped here only where i a looking at you, i dont know how much breaths i will be able to take after going away from you, she wipes her tears and starts walking, Guddi and Najma comes to her and ask her to come down, Poonam says i will come later, Guddi says its getting late, come in sangeet, they take her.
Rekha comes to Dolt and ask where? he shows her way, Lakhan comes there, Rekha caresses his face and says i am seeing after many days, Lakhan says i asked clothes for my and Poonam’s marriage, did you bring it? Rekha gives it to him, he says i am marrying Poonam tomorrow, Rekha ask will you return tomorrow? he says why not? Poonam is my first win against Phulan, i have to win many more battles, i have to become king of Begusarai, they have made us dance to their tunes now its time for them to dance, Rekha gets happy and says i thought you will end mission after getting girl, Lakhan says girls to gotten to be put in house only, i cant spoil her, i want crown of Begusarai’s king, Poonam is my first win, after her will come Begusarai, he touches her feet and leaves with Dolt, Rekha smirks.

Scene 2
In Haveli, women are dancing, Poonam is brought there by Guddi and Najma, Badi Amma gets tensed seeing her, Poonam sit, Bindya comes there and thinks why Poonam is here till now?
Lakhan is waiting for Poonam. Badi Amma says to Poonam that i will not mind if you change your mind, Poonam says i cant change my mind, i didnt get chance, when all will be busy, i will runaway, Badi Amma blesses her, Poonam looks at time, its 9:30. Lakhan says to Dolt that Poonam have half hour, Dolt ask what if Poonam doesnt show up? Lakhan says then i will put everyone to death in Haveli.
In Haveli, Poonam tries to leave but Guddi stops her and ask her to dance, Guddi takes phone from her and says you have to with us today, Gussi gives mobile to Soni and ask Poonam to come, she drags her in center for dance. Bindya finds Phulan talking to Mitlaish, she goes to listen it, Phulan says to Mitlaish that kids are back home, tension is over, Mitlaish says injured lion is always dangerous, Phulan says if Lakhan is lion then my sons are not less, Mitlaish says he is wild animal while we are your pets, leave it, from tomorrow my kids will go to school and i will keep worrying about them, Poonam is laughing and dancing, all are dancing because you have forced them to enjoy in this tension, all are afraid of you, Phulan says decision has been taken and it will not change, it will be fulfilled, it will good if you accept it happily even if you dont agree, just show smile on face, Mitlaish says i am not good actor, i cant show fake happiness, even then you have problem with me then i will leave from house, Phulan says you are forgetting that you are talking to your father, where is respect? Mitlaish says you also forgot your mitlaish, anyways i wont be able to celebrate, your justice have left no reason for me to celebrate, i cant look happy, he leaves, Bindya listens all this and says why i need to kill Phulan when Mitlaish himself is on verge of finishing him, i just have to instigate him, now news will be that Phulan’s would be daughter in law ran away from house and Mitlaish killed his father.
Sangeet is going on, Guddi is making Poonam dance, 2n minutes are left in deadline given by Lakhan to Poonam, Lakhan is waiting for her, Poonam says to Najma that i will comeback, Guddi says i will come with you, Guddi says seems like she want to meet Priyom, she says go but comeback soon, Poonam starts leaving, she looks at Haveli last time.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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