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Begusarai 22nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rekha says to Bhushan why are you walking at this house. Bhushan says Poonam, Lakhan and Guddi none of them are picking the call. Rekha says no one can harm my son. Bindya wont do anything to my son. Sleep now. Bhushan says bindya wants to seek revenge. I have to find bout them.
Bhushan goes out to call them. A car comes and abducts him.

Mitlesh says to Bindya’s amma you are responsible for this. Bindya comes and says stop there amaa. Bindya does her arti and says you are welcome to your haveli maa. Mitlesh throws away the plate. He says you are not welcome here then why she? Wont let you settle here easily. Bindya says I can kill you for what you have done. But thank God that I am in a good mood. My mom has come back. So I am leaving you. You are like a servant in this

house. A servant has to do as the master asks. So you told me this is haveli and I am dancer. Now i will turn this place in this dancers’ place. Now see how it feels. she orders her men to decorate haveli like a kotha. She says you all have a problem with me being a dancer. We become like this because of you thakurs. when I came her first time you said I am fish of rotten water. And you choti amma you never liked me coming in. I was not human for you all. But I wont tolerate if you insult my mom. And mitlesh you called me dancer. This house will become kotha and all the women of this house will dance.
Bindya says to Mitlesh now see the drama. Maya says you are daughter in law of this house and doing this to us. She says wasn’t I your daughter in law when dadda was humiliating me. Do as I say. Mitlesh snatches gun from on of her men and points it at Bindya. Bindya says don’t try to be a hero. Look there. Bhanu has pointed a gun at pintu. Badi amma says keep kids out of it. Maya is crying. Mitlesh returns the gun. Bindya says better now? Bindya says get started now. Rekha says let me arrange something for you. Bindya gives her ghungro and says you will dancing.

Poonam, Lakhan and guddi arrive home. Lakhan helps her out. He says be careful. What if you have fallen. She says you are here for me. Guddi says why are you sending me back? I will come back in. Lakhan says I will call you back when i feel like things are okay for you. Poonam says he is right. Guddi leaves.
Rekha starts dancing. She is in tears. Bindya says until the dance here is over you wont go anywhere, no one would move.
Poonam and lakhan come in. They are shocked to see whats happening in the house. Lakhan says stop it. Lakhan comes in. Bhanu says where are you coming. Lakhan grasops his collar. Bindya says let him in. She says leave him Bhanu.
Lakhan says so you are doing all this. This is giving you fun? Seeing your family dance? Is this what poonam and I helped you for? This is your family. Bindya says family? Is this how family is. They shoved me in water, where were they? They are not family they are just thakurs. And thakurs are no ones. Do they deserve mercy? They cant do justice. They were unjust with you too. Phulan made your father his servant forever, not a brother. If you wanna fight? Come with me and fight these thakurs. Shake hand with me. He says wait listen my answer. You talked about salt, what dadda did with you was wrong. It was too wrong. But what you are doing, is that right? You hated dadda ji. What is the difference between you two. there were less thakur men to be unfair with these women that you came. This is enough.
Come with me badi amma. Bindya points a gun at him. She says if someone comes between me and my revenge I will kill that person. Poonam says no bindya please. Stop all this please. Lakhan points snatches the gun and points it at her. He says I am not scared of.

Precap-Bindya says now your kids will pay for your sins. they wont get any food for three days. Maya is crying. Badi amma begs in the streets.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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