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Scene 1
Neha says Poonam is the eye witness of this murder. I would like her in the witness box. Poonam is nowhere in the court. Bindy and neha are worried. Bindya says where are you Poonam? She calls her but Poonam doesn’t pick. Lakhan asks Bindya where is she? Bindya says I dont know, She had to come with you. Lakhan says the guard said she is coming with you. I should never have trusted them. Bindya says is she in trouble? Lakhan says dont worry I will bring her.
Neha says I believe Poonam is in some trouble. I request you to give us some time. Rai says I object, they dont have any witness. Judge says I give you 20 minutes if poonam doesn’t reach by then we will give the judgement in favor of Mitlesh. Neha says thank you Milord.

Poonam tries to break the door. She

says is someone there to help me? Poonam says I can’t give up. I have to try. Lakhan is on his way home.
Everyone is worried. Badi amma says I hope Poonam and Lakhan don’t reach the court in 20 minutes.
Poonam finds a hammer and breaks the door lock with it.
Lakhan says I should have gotten it. they would do anything to stop Poonam. Her phone is off as well. Where should I find her?

Rai says it been 10 minutes. Please give us the judgement. Neha says we request more time. Poonam will be reaching here any time. Judge says I am sorry we have given you enough time already. Bindya says please give us some more time. she must be coming. You can give me justice only. If you don’t help me, this murderer will be safe. Rai says great drama. Don’t shed these crocodile tears here. You are a good dancer plus actor. I found a great thing. When she came here she wanted to grab Mitlesh and marry him. She tried and failed with Mitlesh, then she married Priyom. Neha says even if that is true it has nothing to do with the case. Rai says it does. She is accusing Mitlesh, she wanted to ruin the thakur family. I know your plan. Maybe she is behind Priyom’s accident. Bindya says have you lost after so much after fulling your pockets. Rai says did you see priyom going out? You didn’t. You said Mitlesh shot Priyom. Did you see that? No. I heard the birthday was going well. What were you doing there? Bindya says dancing. He says that is your profession. He says your honor, she is shedding crocodile tears here.

Poonam runs out. Bindya and rai are having the argument. Poonam comes to court room and sees its empty. She says I guess i am in wrong court. She sees bindya sitting in a court. Poonam goes to her and asks why are you sitting here? bindya says mitlesh is free. She recalls Judge saying mitlesh is free, since prosecutor failed to bring witness. Mitlesh thanks Rai and hugs badi amma. Bindya stood in the witness box in tears in shock. She sat there. Bindya says with all respect he is free.
Bindya says stay away from me after today. She leaves. Poonam sits there in tears. Lkahna comes in and holds her hands. He swipes her tears.

Poonam comes home and says to badi amma you did this so i couldn’t say the truth. Dadda ji comes and says they both did what I asked them to.

Precap- Badi amma says to bindya go back to where you came from. Dadda ji asks his man to shoot her. She snatches the gun and shoves Dadda ji.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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