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Begusarai 22nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shakti looks at Ananya unconscious, he comes close to give her mouth t mouth breathing when she coughs, he thinks that Thank God, she is alive, Shakti lifts her in arms.
Shakti brings Ananya to house, he asks her to wake up, she is still unconscious, he says she is shivering due to cold, he rubs her hands but she doesnt wake up, Shakti says she will get pneumonia, i have to change her clothes but how can i? he looks around. He opens cupboard and takes out some clothes. Shakti covers her with blanket and is tensed, he tries to take off her clothes but she wakes up and pushes him away, she says what were you doing? Shakti says you would have died, he shows her clothes and says you were shivering so i brought clothes for you but i forgot, helping a girl is like getting beaten up by slippers,

he leaves angrily, Ananya looks on.
Rai meets his officer, officer says why did you raid Bindya’s house? Rai says all are equal in justice’s eyes, officer says commissioner is calling me again and again, Rai says Bindya has kidnapped a girl, officer says we dont have proof that shehas kidnapped girl and we cant go against powerful Bindya for a common girl, from next time you will take my permission before doing anything, Rai is disappointed.
Ananya changes her clothes, she wears small clothes as only that were available, she sees Shakti sitting near bonfire without wearing shirt. She comes out, Shakti looks at her, she stops and feels shy due to short clothes, Shakti looks away, Ananya puts her clothes on rope to get them dried, Shakti says do not try to run again, i wont come everytime to save you, Ananya says i will not runaway, i came to dry my clothes, Shakti looks at her, they keep looking at each other, music plays, Shakti comes to Ananya, Hua hai aaj pehli baar plays, Shakti takes off his stole and puts it on rope, they cant take off eyes from each other, Shakti comes closer to her and takes his shirt from rope and leaves, Ananya looks on.
Adarsh gives parcel to man and asks him to give it to Shakti, it has food and clothes, we have to keep that girl alive, man leaves with parcel. Mishra sees man leaving Haveli, he calls Rai and says maybe Adarsh’s man is going to Ananya, i will follow him, Rai says this last chance to catch Bindya Thakur.
Ananya is sitting near bonfire, Shakti looks at her, Ananya you can tie me with ropes, Shakti says you must have understood that this jungle is more dangerous than me, Ananya thinks my brother is in danger, if i dont help him then.. i have to leave from here but how? Shakti comes to her and gives her fruits, she looks at him, Shakti says eat as you must have lost energy in running so eat, ananya stares him, Shakti asks why are you staring? this is last plate so dont break it, Ananya smiles a little and takes fruits, Ananya says you are not bad as you seem, Ananya asks Shakti why he is taking Bindya’s side against his sister? she is your sister, how can you kill her? Shakti says sister can go against my mother so i can go against sister too, and you are that trap which i will create for Soni and your brother and will catch them through you then i dont know what Bindya will do with you after that, she will decide it, its not easy to understand Shakti Thakur, Ananya says i was wrong, you are not a goon but you are a puppet, puppet of your mother which she can use and make dance to her tunes and you will dance because you have not self-esteem, Shakti angrily looks at her.

PRECAP- Bindya calls shakti and says police got to know you are at farmhouse, this girl is not safe for us, kill her rightnow, she ends call, Shakti points gun at her, she asks why you have pointed gun at me? Shakti says i am following my my mother’s order.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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