Begusarai 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan is sitting in his room, he gets a call from his man and says i saw Chuna Yadav and his men going towards Thakur Haveli with guns, what to do? Lakhan says nothing, men are there in haveli to fight, Bhushan ask with whom you were talking? Lakhan says no one.
Yadav’s men kills Phulan’s men outside Haveli. Yadav with bindya starts approaching Haveli, they find three men of Phulan guarding the gate, Bindya says we should go from other as if you fire these men then Phulan will become alert, she says we should go to Manjeeta’s house then jump to Phulan’s haveli, they come to Manjeeta’s house terrace, Manjeeta, Birla are sleeping in house. they cuts the lock of door, Yadav’s men points gun at Manjeeta, Yadav ask them to not shoot else it will alert

Phulan, just keep an eye on him, one man points gun at Poonam too who is sleeping in her room, Yadav with bindya and his men jumps the terrace and goes to Phualn’s haveli. Bindya takes him to room and says all are weapons of Thakurs are here, he opens door and finds weapon there, he locks the door and says now all their weapons are in our hands, Yadav points hi men outside all rooms of haveli, Bindya takes Yadav in house, she shows him Phulan’s room and says this is your destination, Yadav shouts his men to attack, he opens Phulan’s room, finds someone sleeping and fires at him, he takes of sheet to find no one there, he says seems like they got to know about us, he says no one should be saved, Badi Amma alongwith Maya, her kids, Piddi are in store room, Badi Amm have gun in her hand, Yadav gets a call from his man, he says Mitlaish and Priyom didnt reach at Lake or market, Yadav says they deceived us, Phulan is hiding behind pillar, pointing gun at Yadav, he calls priyom and ask him to finish, Priyom comes in street and fires Yadav’s men standing outside haveli, Phulan fires at Yadav’s men.

Scene 2
Manjeeta wakes up listening bullets noise, he attacks the man pointing at him with axe and kills him. Birla wakes up too and is shocked. Priyom has shoot out with Ydav’s men outside Haveli while Phulan has shoot out inside Haveli. one man points gun at Manjeeta, Manjeeta looks at him angrily, man is about to shoot him when Poonam hits him with rod from back, Manjeeta and Birla are shocked, manjeeta kills him with axe, Birla and Poonam are afraid, Manjeeta ask them to hide in room and dont come out till he comes back, he calls Phulan and says everything is fine here, i am coming, he takes gun and leaves.
Priyom is firing at Ydav’s men. inside Haveli, Yadav shoots Phulan’s man, Phulan gets angry and shoots at Yadav, Yadav runs and hides behind pillar, Phulan and Yadav have cross fire, Phulan fires his men, one man points gun at Phulan and is about to shoot him but Manjeeta comes from behind and shoots him, Phulan smiles, but Yadav fires at Manjeeta and injures his hand, Phulan is shocked, Priyom comes there and helps Manjeeta sit down, he points gun at Yadav and hits him on leg, Mitlaish comes back home and starts shooting Ydav’s men too, Ydav runs with broken leg and hides in room, Mitlaish, Priyom hits the door to break it, store room is in same room where whole family is hiding, Piddi’s phone ring in store room, Yadav says so they are hiding here, he comes in store room to find Badi Amma pointing gun at him, Yadav takes out grenade, takes out its pin and is about to throw at them when Badi Amma shoots at him, Priyom and Mitlaish breaks the door and shoots him from back, grenade falls from his hand comes in feet of Phulan, Yadav is critically injured, Mitlaish shouts that grenade’s pin is out, move away, Phulan is confused, Yadav says i will die but will take Phulan with me, Priyom runs and pushes Phulan away, he covers grenade so that all are saved by it and he dies only, all are shocked.

PRECAP- Bindya says to Ghungroo that i have understood one thing that these Thakurs have great unity but their weakness is only their ego, i will play with their ego and that day is not far when i will become queen of Begusarai, she sits on throne of Phulan and says congrats Bindya for getting Begusarai.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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