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Begusarai 21st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bindya sees Dolt. She goes to him and asks hey dolt, do you know what happened to Guddi. He says what you mean? Bindya says she is asking Priyom to take her to police station. she went somewhere last night. She is not telling anything. She said she will tell cops. She says I know what was between you and her. Tell me before cops come and arrest you, so I can help you. Was she with you last night? He says I have nothing to do with Guddi. Don’t indulge me in all this. I am leaving this city for some days. He leaves. Bindya says he didn’t say anything.

Lakhan wakes up. Rekha says why are you quite? Why you bearing infidelity. The girl who couldn’t walk while she was drunk. She slept and went out with Priyom. Lakhan says amaa.. She says you will listen to me now.

Why didn’t she answer us. What did priyom say that they were finding Guddi while Guddi was asleep in her room. Lakhans says amma enough. Maya comes in and says chachi would you like tea here? She says no let him be alone. She goes out. Maya says to Lakhan we don’t choose parents but we choose our partner. Be with Poonam if dadda ji punish her. You are lucky to have a wife like her. Don’t let it be ruined by someone else. She leaves.

Dadda ji does the pooja. Poonam gives him tea. He throws it away. He says I wont take tea from this characterless woman. Everyone comes there. Badi amma takes poonam to a side. Dadda ji says you are lucky that Lakhan is your husband. Lakhan comes downstairs as well. Dadda ji says he didn’t punish you but I’ll punish you. I give you one last chance speak the truth. Priyom says truth is that she went out to find Guddi with me. And this truth wont change by punishing her. Rekha says and we should believe your story? Why? Guddi was home and asleep in the room. Priyom says Guddi is the proof herself. Everyone is dazed. Priyom looks at Guddi. He says Guddi, tell truth to everyone Guddi. Guddi is quite. He says no one will say anything. No one will punish you. Just say the truth. Bindya says this is too much. Why are you accusing the innocent one. Why are you blaming her to save the real culprit. Priyom says I care about guddi as much as you do. Bindya says no one cares about sister as much as lover. Priyom says please tell everyone Guddi. Did you go out of the house last night? Guddi is quite. He says poonam’s character will be questioned if you stay quite. Her silence tells something is being concealed. Guddi says I was home. i didn’t go anywhere. Lakhan says she is lying. he comes downstairs with the bangle and earring. He says I went thereGud. I found this. Guddi will answer this. This is yours right? Guddi recalls when she told her friends about the gifts her brothers gave her. Lakhan came and gave her jewelry in front of her friends. He said if you don’t like it get is changed. Guddi loved the jewelry. Lakhan says is this yours? Mitlesh says wait a minute. Is this yours Guddi? Priyom says guddi.. Dadda says Guddi your brothers are asking you something. Answer them. Where were you last night. how did he get your bangle and earrings? I am asking you something. Poonam says I will tell you. Guddi gave me all of this. Everyone is dazed.
She shows them on of the earrings that she is wearing. Bindya says i told you she was with my husband. she is trying to take my husband from me. But no one will trust me. Priyom says she didn’t do anything like this. And why don’t you tell everyone truth Poonam. Why did we go there. Lakhan says don’t touch my wife. In the dark night.. Priyom says shut up Lakhan. Lakhan says I don’t want outsiders. Enough. No more investigations. If she had made the mistake I will punish her.
Lakhan takes out a gun and points it at Poonam. Everyone is dazed.

Precap-Bindya sees poonam laughing and says you must be so ashamed of your defeat. You tried so hard but you lost.Bindya breaks the mirror.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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