Begusarai 21st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 21st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhanu comes in. Bindya says come bahnu you are here on right time. I think peope of begusarai didn’t treat him well. Lets take him to his room. Bhanu points a gun at Mitlesh and says start walking.
Mitlesh is about to punch him, bindya comes in with all the guards. Bindya says bhanu.. Mitlesh says so you dancer wants to die with my hands? Binday says today I will make you dance. Sony beta.. Bhanu brings in Sony. Bindya says go with uncle he will get you ice cream. Bindya says take her to our old spot. If they miss her they, send her photos. Mitlesh says I will kill you if you take her from here. Bhanu says shut up. He points a gun and says don’t say a word. Bindya says what now? You care so much about your life that you are letting them take her. She says sushma take

that girl with you. Mitlesh says stop. Bindya says this is the same room where you were imposing your manliness on me. Today I will tear your manliness apart from your belt. Bhanu takes off his belt. Now after today, in this house I don’t wanna hear anything from you. Dont dare stopping us. You can scream though. There will be no mercy today. She recalls when he slammed her with a belt. She slaps him with belt repeatedly. Mitlesh screams. Everyone hears it.

Maya says to badi amma please eat some honey. She says no. Rekha says first priyom left us and now.. Choti says please dont say all that rekha.
bindya leaves. Mitlesh falls down in pain. Maya comes in. She tries to pick him up. Maya says I will dress your wound. Mitlesh shoves her away. He says wipe your tears. He shouts wipe your tears. Badi amma comes in and says no its our mistake. Bindya came to seek revenge. But Priyom’s love made her ours and we took her happiness from her. We woke up her hatred. Now no one can save us from her.

Poonam is conscious. Guddi says I will bring the medicines and you should spend time with Poonam. Lakhan sits with Poonam. He says you don’t take care of yourself. She says what I did? Lakhan brushes her hair. He fills her hairline.

Komal says on call what will be bindya’s next step? whatever is happening in the house is awesome. She hears footsteps. She says someone is coming i will talk to you later.
She goes out and says who is it? Its Mitlesh. She asks mitlesh are you okay? He says my house is under people who are no invited. My body and soul in pain. And family in danger. Rest is fine. Its about my kids otherwise I would I told her. These relations make you weak. Anyway, sorry. I dont wanna trouble you. Go sleep. Komal stops him and says its not trouble. You share pain with people who are yours. She says I think I have a solution for you pain. She gives joint. He says thakurs have a rule, when you want to kill pain, kill the person causing it. He leaves.
Komal says till when will you be safe? You will get addicted to this.

poonam wakes up scared. Lakhan says what happened? Poonam says I saw bindya is back and she wants to avenge her death. Lakhan says you are not well. Sleep. Poonam says take me to badi haveli. Lakhan says we will go there once you are better. She says I will go myself. Lakhan says okay you win. I lose. You can go tomorrow because its late.

Bhanu dresses Binya’s hand. He says were you punishing him or yourself? You know I can kill anyone for you. Bindya says I don’t want them to die. They have to see a lot of pain yet. I wont forgive them easily. They will die slowly. They call dancer, tomorrow they will face something that they have never imagined.

Precap-Lakhan points gun at bindya. He says it will take me a moment to kill you. I am not scared of your men.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yoo ure right old brainless women badi ama

  2. but you are doing wrong to lakhan nd poonam ,bindiya.i was wid u till now but now i m not wid u.they supported u in ur tough time.

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