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Begusarai 21st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shakti says i want to save them, ananya says when you were talking to your brother on phone, i listened everything so from next time talk on phone by gong away or lower phone’s volume, you fool, she says now Mayank will switch off his phone, Shakti says i didnt know you are so clever, Ananya says protecting one’s self is called smartness, Shakti points gun at her and says they have to return and if they dont then i will shoot you.
Amar tells Adarsh that their phone is switched off, Adarsh says how will we locate them now?
Mayank says to Soni that we have to run, maybe your brother have got to know about us.
Adarsh comes to one house and asks man if he saw soni? he shows him her picture, man says yes they stayed here but didnt pay my rent and left few minutes

back. brothers come out of house and says they must have be nearby. Mayank and Soni are hiding behind house, brothers leave.
Amar says we have been finding them but dont know where they are, Adarsh says they cant run for much time.
Shakti ties ananya on chair, he is tying ropes around her and comes closer to her, they share eyelock, Shakti says if you had helped us then Maa would have freed you, Ananya says after killing them right? Shakti pushes her on chair and you will remain here, maa is right, women is root cause of all problems, Ananya looks on.
Brothers comeback home, Bindya says first time my sons couldnt finish their work, Adarsh says every dog has a day, bindya says we will find them and i will see that Ananya too but first i have to handle this SP Rai, she finds SP coming to Haveli, she says think of devil and devil is here, Bindya says to Rai that you have long life, Rai says but your sinful life is shorter, you have to give Ananya back to us, he shows her search warrant, she reads it and says search but you wont find anyone, Rai ask policemen to start searching Haveli, they start it, bindya says you wont find anyone instead your policemen will be tired, policemen comeback and says to Rai that girl is not in Haveli, Rai looks at Bindya, bindya gives oil to Rai and says you must be tired, use this oil for message, Rai says this is our duty, you wont understand and save this oil for your future as we beat criminals in our jails, maybe you will need it there, bindya says you dream alot but this wont be true, i have seen many officers like you but no one was able to disturb me and you wont be able too, Rai leaves, Bindya says to sons that this SP should not get that girl, Garv says where Shakti have kept her, that property doesnt even come in Begusarai state, he wont find her.
Shakti is eating fruit, he looks at ananya who is staring him, shakti gives fruit to ananya, ananya doesnt take it, he says when you dont wanna eat then why are you staring? Ananya says i am hungry but i wont eat from your hands, free my hand, i will eat myself, what are you thinking? i wont run from here, Shakti thinks that i have to give her food to keep her alive, he frees her hand and gives plate, Ananya tries to hold plate but plate falls down, she says sorry, shakti says you cant even handle a plate, she says sorry, Shakti says i will bring another plate, he collects broken pieces of plate and leaves.
Shakti comes in kitchen and thinks how did plate fall from her hands? shakti sees one piece of broken plate missing, he says where did it go?
Ananya have broken piece of plate hiding under her foot, she takes it and tries to cut ropes with it, she frees herself and runs from there, Shakti comes in room and finds her gone, he gets angry.
Ananya is running in jungle, shakti comes in jungle and starts finding her, he calls out her name, she listens it and runs. Shakti says she is mad, she came in jungle to free herself but she doesnt know that this jungle is dangerous. ananya is running away from him, she strikes with a tree and sees snake on it, she screams and runs from there, she sees Shakti coming behind her, he asks her to stop, she doesnt. Ananya comes to end of cliff, she sees Shakti coming there, she says there is no way to go, i dont know how to swim, i have no way but to go back to him, she turns to shakti but loses balance and falls off from cliff, she falls in river, shakti comes there and sees her drowning in river, he is shocked, he takes off his jacket and jumps in river, Ananya calls out his name and says save me, Shakti swims to her and grabs her in his arms, she hugs him tightly, she says in dizzy state that i didnt do anything, i didnt make my brother runaway, i want to go to my father, shakti sees her unconscious, he lifts her in arms and brings out of water. Shakti makes Ananya lie down on ground and asks her to open eyes, he says i cant let you die, he tries to pump her heart, she doesnt respond, shakti says she cant die, he looks at her, he comes closer to give her mouth to mouth breathing.

PRECAP- Shakti brings ananya in house, she is still unconscious, Shakti says she is shivering, i have to change her clothes else she will have pneumonia, he looks away and tries to change her clothes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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