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Scene 1
Mitlesh says now you get out from here Bindya, he grasps her arm. Priyom says enough. Otherwise I will forget like you how behave with elders. Mitlesh says will you hit me? I can expect that from you. Mitesh says I have applied emergency in this house now. Our next generations shouldn’t know that there was a bahu bali in whose time women took everything in hand. Now I’ll write the story. I will pick up everyone. Start countdown. Mitlesh leaves. Choti amma says when will the peace of this house return. I am really worried.

Bindya recalls what Mitlesh said about her. She is in tears. Priyom comes in. He sees her crying. Priyom says don’t try to conceal your tears. Forgive me. My hands were tied in front of my brother. Forgive me. Bindya says don’t do that.

Bindya says I should apologize. Since I came here I became a curse for your family. Priyom hugs her. SHe says Mitlesh was saying everything correct. I was a dancer. When Mitlesh said that I felt like someone has sold my dignity in a market. Priyom says don’t say that. She says let me speak, if I don’t speak in front of me who would listen to me. I felt like my past will never leave me. Priyom says I am here for you. Bindya says I don’t need money. I always wanted a respectable life. I always wanted love. I would dream of someone loving me. When I came here I felt like I can get love and respect here. But when Mitlesh said it I felt like my dream will remain a dream. I care about Guddi. I promised her till I am alive I wont let anything happen to Guddi or her child. Priyom makes her sit and swipes her tears.

Poonam comes to room and sees Lakhan sitting with Dolt’s asthi. Poonam ignores him. She takes out her clothes. Priyom says badi amma was proud of you today when I ate all the food you made, when you took care of Guddi. Even when Mitlesh was insulting you. They a felt like it was same as poonam or maya. They all love you. Why you care about one person who doesn’t respect you. We will fill his place. I will give you so much love that nothing bad will come to you. One day Mitlesh will also accept you as a part of this family. Let me bring you water, you have shed so much already. Bindya says in heart Mitlesh will never accept me. But If i go talk to him, tell him that i have changed then maybe he accepts me. I should talk to him.

Lakhan holds Poonam’s hand. She says leave my hand. He says why are you talking to me like that? Come to room. Poonam says I wont go to that room. I have nothing to do with my brother’s murderer. Lakhan says I was going to stop and save dolt. Poonma says how was he crushed then? She shoves him. She says leave me alone. If you can’t go then I will. He leaves. Poonam sits there in tears. She says you were not only my brother’s but my love’s murderer as well. I will never forgive you.
Badi amma says to Lakhan she has lost her brother. Poonam has suffered so much. she has handled all this. She is running faster than time. She needs time to calm down. Lakhan says its not about time. SHe thinks I have killed dolt. He got hit by a truck. I was trying to save him. He was my brother, why would I kill him. I loved him as much as poonam did. Badi amma says when heart is full of sorrows it keeps looking for answers. In that moment argument only aggravates things. Give her some time. Everything will be fine.

Someone knocks Mitlesh’s door. He says go sleep in kid’s room don’t disturb me. The door keeps knocking. He is dazed to see Bindya on the door. Mitlesh says you came to wrong room? yourself. I have no interest in talking to you. Go from here.
Bindya says I want to talk to you. he says i don’t talk to a woman so low like you. Bindya holds his feet. She says I have changed. Whatever was between us in past please forget it. I am priyom’s wife now. When you insult me whole family is insulted. Please stop doing this. Mitlesh laughs. They all hear him laughing.
Mitlesh says you have ruined peace of this house. You have created this cold war between brothers. Now you are blackmailing me emotionally? I should kill you or what? He shoves her on bed and locks the door. He starts taking off his belt. He says should I remind you our old relations? He comes towards her.

Precap-Mitlesh is coming towards Bindya. Priyom and lakhan say open the door. Mitlesh says I wanna kill you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. No not again eny separation between ponam and lakhan plz i love to see their romence plzplzplz

  2. Please show some poonam and lakhan scenes. The change in bindya is good to see.

  3. plz don’t do this again bored of seeing separation plz think something else and do;t repeat the things

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