Begusarai 20th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ananya makes Shakti eat sweetdish with her hands, Bindya smiles, Shakti points that it tastes good. Bindya says if you are done with making shakti eat then make other brothers eat with your hands too, she says i will make them eat? bindya says when you have prepared it then make them eat too. Ananya looks at brothers. She comes to Samar and makes his eat, she comes to Adarsh and gives him Jalebi, he takes it from her hands and eat, she makes Amar eat, she comes to Garv who smirks at her, she makes him eat with her hands, shakti smiles, she comes and stands beside him.
ananya comes in her room, servant comes there with 5glasses of milk, Ananya is stunned and says again 5glasses of milk? Shakti drinks so much milk? servant leaves without answering.
Samar says to Amar that maa must

be angry with us, Amar says we drank so much and she kept waiting for us, Samar says she came here thinking she will get happiness but we will make her life hell, we till take revenge from her for insulting Maa. Adarsh comes there, Amar says you can enjoy with her too, Adarsh says stop this cheap joke, Samar says this is not joke, she is wife of us, Adarsh says dont announce it till Maa doesnt tell her truth, what if she listens your conversation? he gets call from someone, he cuts call and ask brothers to be careful, he leaves.
Ananya gets ready in red saree. Shakti comes in room, she smiles at him, he looks at her lovingly, Ananya blushes. Shakti closes door, room is decorated with candles. Shakti and Ananya shares eyelock, Shakti caresses her face, Ananya moves away, Shakti hugs her from back, Ananya smiles, they look on mirror. Shakti kisses her forehead while Ananya closes her eyes. Ananya lies on bed, Shakti moves his fingers up from her feet slowly to her body, ek baat ahun ijazat hai plays. Shakti kisses her neck, Ananya tries to move away being shy, Shakti stops her and comes close, he moves her hair on one side and kisses her shoulder, then her neck, Ananya tries to get up, Shakti holds her saree pallu and pulls her closer to him, tere ishq ki mujhko adat hai plays. Shakti covers Ananya with saree pallu. Shakti lifts Ananya in arms and brings her to window side, its raining outside, they enjoy rain, shakti pours water on her face, Ananya gets wet, Shakti moves his hand over her belly and arm, Shakti kisses her… this all turns out to be Ananya’s dream and she is still waiting for Shakti, she says what kind of dreams i am seeing? she listens some noise and says seems like Shakti is coming, she blushes and covers her face with blanket. She sits on bed. Its Amar who has come in her room, he looks at Ananya sitting on bed with her back towards him, he stares her bare back, she sits on bed, Ananya doesnt see his face. Amar holds her saree, Ananya says finally you remembered me, i am waiting for you since yesterday and you.. is this way to meet your wife? you slept on first night, you talk about giving life for me and i.. i was dying to see your face, you dont care about me, i am miffed, i will not talk to you. Amar smiles and comes closer, Ananya turns and finds Amar close to her, she says you? she gets up from bed and asks what he is doing here? he says what i should do, why you are getting tensed? Ananya says you are drunk, leave my room, Amar says why will i go out? i should be close to you, he move towards her, she moves back, he says you are looking so beautiful, Ananya calls out Shakti, she pushes away Amar and runs from there. She is running from her room when she strikes with Garv, she says its good that i found you, Amar is drunk and he came to my room, Garv says so whats the problem? Ananya turns to see Amar smirking at Garv, she is stunned, Garv says he has right, i have right too, Ananya pushes him away and runs. She sees Samar standing in corridor and smirking at her, Amar and Garv comes from behind too, brothers smirk at her, Ananya is shocked, brothers start approaching her, Ananya runs from there. Ananya runs and falls down on floor, Bindya comes there and smiles at her. Ananya says stop them, Bindya asks what happened? Ananya says they came in my room, Bindya says they will come in your room, they have right, they are your husbands, 5brothers are your husband and you are their only wife, Ananya is shocked to listen this, Ananya asks what she is saying? Bindya says this is truth, you married my 5sons, your first husband Adarsh Thakur, Adarsh comes there, Bindya says your 2nd husband is Garv Thakur, Garv comes there, Bindya says your 3rd husband is Amar Thakur, amar comes there, Bindya says Samar Thakur is your 4th husband, Samar comes there, Bindya says Shakti Thakur is your 5th husband, Ananya is shocked.

PRECAP- Ananya says to Shakti that i am scared here, please take me from here, Shakti says this is your house now and 5brothers are your husbands, Ananya is shocked. Ananya shouts to Bindya that i dont accept this marriage, this is illegal marriage.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Feel sorry for anaya but hope that shakti falls in love with anaya and bindya insults anaya however shakti stands for anaya
    That would be awesome??????????

  2. deepthiram

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz shakthi support ananya plzzzzz standa for her she love u lot plzzzzzz dont hurt her heart. and vishal ur acting was too good ur chemistry with veebha awasome…… both of them are best couples on screen

  3. deepthiram

    vishal and veebha u both of them too good i really love ur pair . and shakthi plz understand ananys fall for her she loves u lot plz keerp suppor her against maa thakur evils plans

  4. Piu

    yuckk thu..they r now repeating laakham scenes on veebha-vishal who hv minus chemistry.but swastik original original hi hota hai.thats y ur show post leap

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