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Begusarai 1st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan starts beating goons in godown, goons beat him, Bindya says to Lakhan that you are injured, Lakhan says dont worry about me but run from here, Bindya says but how can i leave you alone, he says leave, Bindya starts to leave but sees Lakhan getting beaten up, Lakhan falls unconscious, Bindya is stunned.
Poonam is waiting for Lakhan at home, she says why did Lakhan not return till now? she thinks to call him but says no this is not good idea, Bindya comes there running, she comes to Poonam and says Lakhan got beaten up my goons and he fell unconscious, all are shocked listening this, Rekha asks where and when? Bindya tells them everything, how she was asked to kill Bhushan by choti Amma, how Lakhan came there and got beaten up, Rekha says Bhushan was not there? Bindya says no,

Rekha says we went there to save your life and you left him alone there, Komal comes there, she says hunts have to come in trap, all look on confused, Komal says i meant to say that now Lakhan is in Sarkar’s custody, Sarkar tried to make him understand but he didnt listen, father was taken from Sarkar’s den so she kidnapped his son, Rekha thinks that Bhushan got saved so now son is in danger but where did Bhushan go? i can stay silent, i have to do something to protect my family.
Rekha comes to Choti Amma and says i beg you to leave Lakhan, Choti Amma says Lakhan is safe and will remain safe till everything here goes as i want, Rekha says i promise you, what you want will happen but just leave my son, Choti Amma says i can hurt Lakhan if you miff me, Rekha says i promise that people will take breaths not on God’s name but on Sarkar’s name from now on, i just beg you to leave my son, she cries.
Lakhan is tied to chains, goons laugh that first father and now son is kidnapped, Lakhan thinks if Bhushan is not here then where is he?
Bhushan is kidnapped to some other godown, he looks around, Mitlaish comes there, Bhushan says so you have kidnapped me? Mitlaish says yes, Mitlaish opens Bhushan’s ropes, Manjeeta comes there, Bhushan says he is betrayer, Mitlaish says no he told me about Choti Amma kidnapping you, he has saved your life, Manjeeta says i am loyal to you, i was blackmailed by Sarkar, if you dont believe me then you can cut my head, i wont say word, Mitlaish tells Bhushan how Choti Amma confessed that she is Sarkar, Bhushan says so much happened in Haveli, Mitlaish says if she wasnt from family then i would have shot her, we have to unite as family to fight will all this, Bhushan agrees.
Mitlaish is in car with Bhushan and Manjeeta, Bhushan says how did Choti Amma get so much power? Mitlaish says i know Bindya is involved with Choti Amma, Bhushan says but you said that she helped you, Mitlaish says its time to tell them that we are Thakur me, they see tree stem on road, Mitlaish stops his car, goons come there and surround them with guns.

Lakhan breaks the chains and says to thugs better worry about Thakur family later. First care for your ownself. He his hits them.
The thug says bhushan, you wont be able to run from here. another says nothing can come near sarkar’s shed. Someone shoots of the thugs. One says who did this? I am sure Mitlesh thakur has killed him. The foond says you said nothing can come here. Lakhan shoots them all and unropes Bhushan. Lakhan asks bhushan to hide. Lakhan hits the goons. He sees Manjita. A goon points gun at Bhushan and says don’t dare coming near or I will shoot him.

Precap-Komal sees blood and says where has it come from?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. wat a powepack episode… after a year that flavour of begu nd lakhan back….lion thakur back in action…jiyaa….jabar.

  2. Gabbar ko and Mai fair nehi lagti

    1. Sorry gabbar ko ane Mai daier nehi lagti…Gwwd this auto correction.

  3. awesome awesome awesome episode.lion laakhan thakur is back..heis the soul hero of begusarai

  4. wow ! laakhan broke the iron chain !! they say bengali tigers……..well thts bihari sher !

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