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Scene 1
The wedding preparations start. Badi amma says more flowers to decor maya. Music plays, Birla meets badi amma. maya asks is poonam ready? Birla says yes she is. where is priyon? Badi amma says these boys these days take more time to be ready then girls. Mitlaish says the groom will runaway from the wedding. Priyom coms downstairs, everyone welcomes him with a smiles. his friends say you looking dashing brother. Priyom says where is poonam? his friend says she must be coming. badi amma asks where is poonam? Priyom says in heart i think she read the paper, let her come we will tell everyone that this wedding can’t happen.

Lakhan wants to go out. manjeeta’s men say don’t move lakhan we are ordered to shoot as well. Some men are on a petrol outside. Bindiya comes in a

short dress and with her face covered. one of the guards sees her and says to other, the other says no one is there don’t worry. He says should i go and look. He says yes. The guard goes in that direction. He see bindya making noise with her anklet. He goes in direction of the sound. Bidniya comes in front of him. The guy goes towards her. he says hello mada ji look here. She turns back and hits him on head. he falls down and faints.

Priyom’s friend says look poonam is here. Poonam comes downstairs. Birla says you look beautiful. She says come. Priyom is shokced, he says in heart has she not read the chit?

The other guards go to look for the first one. bindya hits the other one as well. The third one says who are you? He points a gun at her, ghungroo hits him and he faints as well. other guards come out and say there is something wrong.

The door knocks, one guard says from outside, there is something wrong, watch then out well. They go out to look. Guard asks lakhan is your man outside? Lakhan says how would we call someone? we don’t even have a phone. Chotay thakur says but something is wrong outside.
Bindiya says we are half way there, we will make it.

Priyom says poonam.. they touch Phulan’s feet. he says did you read my letter? she smiles. And recalls the letter, i am not doing this wedding in any pressure, i don’t know about your heart. i am glad that i am marrying my best friend, you can say no if you are under pressure, i will second you.
Poonam takes the gifts and smiles. Maya says keep smiling like this always. poonam says i have read the letter, thanks for telling me whats in your heart. and there is no need to cancel the wedding. Guddi says thank God we read the letter and changed it. najma says did we do it right? Guddi says yes, her heart would have been broken, i know priyom he will keep her happy, he is just scared of marriage. They look like made for each other.

The guard says we should inform majeeta kaka. bindya and ghungroo come disguised as swamis. The guard says stop there of we will shoot you.
Badi amma places poonam’s hand in priyom’s. She says this is the shagun coin because wife if the blessing of house. And priyom you have to protect her all your life, that is why you are holding her hand. From today, your wedding is set and the date is 15th june. Priyom is shocked. Phula says to manjeeta says you are our relative from now.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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