Begusarai 1st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 1st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dadda ji says that Guddi is surely with Poonam. come with me i will check. Poonam comes in. Dadda ji says I heard blood is thicker than water. You didn’t have to protect that sin to save your brother’s child. Poonam says I helped her because she is right. What justice is to kill a child? dadda ji says dont talk in front of me. There is a society and you have to respect its rules. Making an unmarried woman is your justice? This is your parents taught. Whoever does wrong deserves punishments. Poonam says who are you to decide? Dadda ji says its out of my hands how. He takes out a pistol and points it at her. Poonam takes his hand to her head. She says kill me. I don’t care losing life while saving someone. Kill me.
A guard comes in and says dadda ji.. Choti amma there

is letter for you. Dadda ji slaps him and says this is what time you chose? Next time if you come while I am talking i will shoot you. He says I am sorry. Dadda ji says to poonam i will wait for right time to teach you lesson for this mistake.

The servants gives letter to choti amma. Badi amma says whose letter is it? choti amma says komal is coming.
Rekha massages Bhushan’s legs. He says this is your family. My son was insulted and everyone remained silent. Is badi amma your real mom? In front of her, her grandson was insulted. She didn’t say anything. Lakhan says why did bapu bow in front of dadda? He is doing whatever he wants and we are all listening. you had to show courage. Rekha says what should he do? pull a gun out. You are responsible for his insult. Bhushan says enough rekha. lakhan sit here. Lakhan sits. He says you know dadda humiliated and killed bindya and he even wanted to kill guddi. would he take a moment to shoot you? For me your life is most important and I did what any father would do. If evil wont today it might lose tomorrow. but will you come back? No. You are my strength. Lakhan leaves. Poonam is standing out and hearing everything. Lakhan sees her.

Lakhan recalls bhushan being insulted. He shouts and says dadda ji you insulted my father in front of me. Shame on my manhood. He hits his hand on jeep repeatedly. Poonam comes running. She stops him. Lakhan says why are you here? I am nothing. I was so proud of myself. There was no one to stand in front of me. And today my dad was insulted in front of me. Poonam says why are you saying that. He says let me speak. Children are their parent’s support. My dad thought I cant face dadda ji. He tolerated everything. Everything kept happening in front of me. I never felt this helpless before. Poonam hugs him and says who said you are weak. Lakhan says i am. I ran to save dolt. He got crushed. My brother priyom died in front of me. Dadda shoved bindya in water in front of me. I lost. I couldn’t save my family. Poonam says if guddi’s child is alive today its because of you. We couldn’t escape if you didn’t do all that. Priyom wouldn’t even do this. stop blaming yourself.
Poonam says i should apologize you. I thought that you killed dolt. I was just so upset. You fought for bindya. You fought with dadda for me. Our relation was broken. they why you did all this for me?

Precap-Poonam looks for lakhan.
badi amma says is this right time for komal to come? Choti says yes its perfect time for her to come.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow today episode, lakham secens yr… In begusarai new entry is rati Pandey. she is grey shade nd name is komal in serial

  2. Wow today episode, lakham secens. rati Pandey is coming in serial. she is grey shade nd name is komal in serial

  3. awesome episode after so long laakhAm episode

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