Begusarai 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bindya sees file, Komal is with her, Bindya says these are real papers? Komal says i was about to die because of them today, Bindya says these are not property papers but destruction of Thakur family but how did you manage to bring them? Komal says i had to befriend its guard, she tells her how she fooled Mitliash, Bindya says i have to accept, you are clever, Komal says its true but that Mitlaish is biggest fool, fool wants to become King of Begusari, Poonam listens all this and thinks that it means Mitlsiash was saying truth.
All are sitting around dining, table, Tai scolds Maya for being late in bringing food, Bhanu says smell is good, it feels like she made it from heart, Bindya says if Maya has made food with so much hard work then she should get reward, she asks Bhanu to bring

her kids, Bhanu brings them, Maya hugs them, Maya asks them to go to Badi Amma, Bindya asks Pinto to come forward, Maya says dont bother, Bindya asks Pinto to come, he comes to her, she asks if you are hungry? he nods, she says sit and have food with us, Maya says i will make him eat later, i want you to eat first, they should not get punished again, Bindya asks Pinto to eat anything he wants, Pinto fills his plate with food, Maya and Baid Amma are tensed, Pinto is about to eat but Maya stops him, all are stunned, Maya says to Pinto that let Bindya eat first, i will make you eat later, Pinto says no i am hungry, Bindya gets angry seeing this, Maya takes Pinto from there, she stops Tai from eating anything and gets suspicious, she calls Maya, Maya stops, she comes to Maya and says Badi Amma did begging for this kid and you wouldnt allow him to eat today for me? Bhanu says dont make it issue, Bindya, let it be, Maya says i didnt want any mistake to happen and you punishing them, Bindya pulls Pinto and says now he will eat with us only, Maya says but.. Bindya says shouts that its final, she asks her to bring food, food is brought, she says i will make Pinto eat today from my hands, she is about to feed him but Maya throws away plate and says stop it, this food has poison, all are shocked, Bhanu says you mixed poison in our food? he points gun at her, Bindya stops him, Bindya asks Maya why did you mix poison in food? tel me else i will make your kid eat it, Maya says so what would i have done? even ant bites when she is in danger, you punished my kids and mother inside me started hating you, you would not understand it, i dont regret my decision, you can punish me, Bhanu says you should be killed, he points gun at her, Badi Amma comes infront of her and says to Bindya that i mixed poison in food, Bhanu says then you will die too, he fires at them but Bindya points his gun upward, all come there, Bindya says to Badi Amma so you did it, Maya says she is lying to save me, i did it all, Badi Amma says Bindya you know Maya cant take such big decision alone, Bindya says you are right, she cant do it, you must have done it and if you mixed poison in food so you will have to eat it, you have lived alot, now eat this food, Badi Amma takes plate, Maya says dont eat it, i beg you not eat it, Bindya says i am happy with you Maya, atleast you said truth, Bindya says as reward, i give you options, one is to make Badi Amma eat this food or 2nd is to feed this food to your kids, all are shocked, Badi Amma asks Bindya to keep kids away from all this, Badi Amma is about to eat poisoned food but Lakhan stops her and says you will not eat it, Bindya asks Bhanu to take action, he pulls Pinto and Soni, Badi Amma says i will eat this food, Lakhan you dont come inbetween, i swear you, she is about to eat but Komal stops her and says to Bindya that she will eat this food but on one condition that we all will eat this food then, atleast we will be freed from this hell then, she points to Bindya, Bindya understands that she is acting, Bindya says to Komal that you talk alot but you said it right, if they eat this food then they will be freed from my torture easily which i dont want, she asks Bhanu to throw this food somewhere, she asks Maya to make food again for us, she leaves, Komal says to Badi Amma that i am sorry, i didnt have any other option, Rekha says you saved Badi Amma’s life, Lakhan says you all tried to kill Bindya by mixing poison, you people even know that Bhushan s being kidnapped, Bindya kidnapped him, if Bindya had eaten that poisoned food then we wouldnt know about Bhushan at all, Rekha says why you didnt tell before? Lakhan says all were all already tensed so i didnt tell, i will find Bhushan but till then you people dont do anything like this, Rekha cries, Choti Amma takes him from there, Poonam stares Komal, Komal leaves from there, Poonam thinks that Komal is with Bindya then why she saved Badi Amma’s life? what she wants?
Bhanu is angry and asks Bindya why did she save Badi Amma? Bindya says because its not my mission to kill Badi Amma so easily and even Sarkar(her master) doesnt want it, Bhanu says you keep chanting about your Sarkar, who is he afterall? Bindya says he is my God, the one who gave me life again so dont dare to say anything against him, Tai asks what Komal has to do with Sarkar? Bindya says Komal is tongue of Sarkar so we have to listen to her, Poonam listens all this and thinks that its all related to Komal, she is provoking Bindya, i have to find out about Komal.

PRECAP- Poonam tells Lakhan that Komal is with Bindya and she is related to Sarkar, Bindya hands are tied to Sarkar, we have to keep eye on Komal to find about Sarkar. Lakhan sees Komal leaving house at night.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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