Begusarai 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 1st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan gets angry on Bindya, he starts driving jeep recklessly, Poonam is stunned. Bindya is in Haveli and praying to God, she listens voice of someone and thinks Bhagwan is talking to her, it is actually Ghungroo and says Taxi is coming, go from it else have to go from Train, Bindya finds him and says you are joking with me on Bhagwan’s name, may God drags to hell, Lakhan, holds Bindya’s ear and drags her, he throws her on ground, Bindya is shocked, she ask what happened? Lakhan drags her with hands,, Binday shouts to save her, Maya sees Lakhan and calls everyone, Lakhan grabs Bindya with hairs and brings in porch, Poonam is there too, all family members comes there too, he throws her on ground and drags her, all society members are seeing it too, Poonam is not able to see it,

Lakhan pushes Bindya from stairs, he then bangs her head on gate, he brings Bindya infront of Poonam, Bindya is shocked seeing her and recalls how she said ill words to her, Lakhan brings out wooden stick and start beating Bindya, she pleads to not beat me, someone stop me, Poonam is crying, all are pained seeing this, Bindya cries to not beat me, Lakhan doesnt stop and keeps beating her, she says i didnt do anything, Badi Amma ask to stop Lakhan, have you become devil, arent you ashamed of beating a women, Lakhan says she is mere dancer and how dare she question Poonam, she says knows Poonam is my would be wife, he beats her and says how dare you even take her name, he brings out gun and says i will finish you today, all are shocked, Choti Amma ask him to stop, Badi Amma says this is my order to stop, Maya and Gudi ask him to stop too, Mitlaish comes there and puts hand on Lakhan’s shoulder, Lakhan jerks him away and says nobody will come in this matter, Mitlaish is about to fall but holds himself, Lakhan turns to find Mitlaish there, he is about to hold his gun back when Mitlaish stops him, Lakhan ask him to not stop him, Mitlaish says try your full power and take gun, Mitlaish says now touch Bindya infront of me, forget about leaving world, Bindya will not go from Begusarai too, Bindya is surprised, Lakhan gets angry and says this time you dont come in my matter, Mitlaish says you have started talking infront of me, you are not king of Begusarai, Lakhan says you are not king yet too, Mitlaish says who has given you right to misbehave with me, she slaps Lakhan infront of all, he ask Lakhan will you hit me, he slaps him again again and says you become animal when you get angry, he ask Lakhan to look down else i will bring out your eyes, Lakhan doesnt, Mitlaish ask him to be in control, Lakhan says you should have asked your courtesan to be in control whose love can be seen in your eyes, Mitlaish is stunned, Mitlaish says what rubbish you are speaking? they both approaches each other, Mitlaish holds his face, is about to punch him but Lakhan stops his hand, Badi Amma ask have you both gone mad? Priyom comes there and stops them, he says to Lakhan have you gone mad, you will raise hand on elder brother? he ask Mitlaish to not lose calm, Lakhan says what elder brother, Priyom ask to be silent, Mitlaish says he has forgotten how to talk, Lakhan snatches gun from goon and points at Bindya, Mitlaish comes and puts hand on face of gun, he covers Bindya and comes infront of her, Maya is stunned, a bullet is fired, all turns to see its Phulan who has fired in air, he calls everyone inside.

Scene 2
all family members gather in lounge, Phulan comes there and says to Lakhan and Mitlaish that if you wanna then you can start again, why you both are shying, fight again, you both made fun of us infront of whole begusarai, now fight infront of me too, you cant handle your egos and anger and you will handle begusarai and family after me, he says if you both want then i will bring gun, both kill each other, Mitlaish says i am sorry, Phulan says no sorry for this mistake, what dreams i had seen that my sons will never fight like other families, they will always be together and here you people are pointing gun at each other, he says kill me too, you both have injures my heart, now injures my chest too, Bhushan says you both have learnt how to fire bullet but didnt learn brotherhood from us, have you ever seen me and Phulan fighting? elder brother should think about happiness of younger brother and younger brother should respect him, he ask them to hug each other and say sorry, they look at each other in anger.

PRECAP- Phulan says that Bindya has misbehaved with Poonam, i would have shot her but there is no ritual of killing guest in Begusarai. he ask Mitlaish to throw that dancer from Begusarai.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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