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Begusarai 19th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Garv comes in Ananya’s room, Ananya is shocked to see him in drunk state, Garv smiles at her. Ananya gets down from bed and comes to Garv, he looks at her from top to toe, Ananya is disgusted seeing him drunk, she says what are you doing here? where is Shakti? Garv says Shakti will come later, he starts coming near Ananya, she moves back, Garv strikes with pillar, he tries to grab Ananya but Ananya moves away and calls Shakti, Garv falls on bed and sleeps, Ananya runs from there.
Ananya comes on terrace to find Shakti sleeping peacefully with brothers and has no crape or bandage on foot, she says why he is sleeping here after getting injured? she sees all brothers sleeping there only, she says should i wake him up or not? she is about to wake up shakti but Bindya comes there, Ananya

says Garv is in my room, Bindya says and all others are here, you have come here as bride, they were celebrating that, they drank alot thats why became uncontrollable, you have to wait till tomorrow night for Shakti, go to other room and sleep, Ananya nods and leaves, Bindya thinks that she got saved tonight but from now on her every night will become dark night as eclipse.
Mayank is drunk, he comes to Soni who is crying, he tries to come closer to her but she moves away, he says sorry Darling, forgive me and move on, Soni says i did mistake by marrying you, when you cant be loyal to your sister then how will you be loyal with me? Mayank says shut up, i have done this all for you, Maa thakurain warned me that if i open my mouth then she will kill you and bury you in Haveli only, Soni is stunned and says i dont wanna live like this, Mayank says fine, he points gun at himself and says i will shoot myself then you can do what you want, Soni stops him and says have you gone mad? she cries.
Its morning, Ananya wakes up to fine Badi Amma in her room, she touches her feet, Badi Amma blesses her to be happy and to be safe, Ananya says what will happen to me here? Badi amma says i cant tell you truth, she leaves, ananya thinks why did she say this?
Bindya is sitting in hall. Pundit says Havan preparation is done, call your sons and your daughter in law.
Ananya comes to her room, servant says i have put your things in cupboard, ananya asks where is Shakti? servant leaves. Ananya says i understand that he slept after drinking wine but he should have met me in morning. Soni comes there and says good morning, Ananya smiles and says good morning, soni says you are not ready yet? all are waiting for you downstairs, its your ritual to do havan after marriage, Ananya says where is my husband? Shakti is not seen anywhere, Soni says i dont know, he will come, you get ready, she leaves, Ananya is tensed.

Scene 2
Ananya comes down fatre getting ready, she finds Shakti sitting in hall. Ananya touches Bindya’s feet, Bindya blesses her to be married for life. ananya touches Badi Amma’s feet, Badi Amma is not able to bless her, she looks at Bindya and puts hand on her head, Ananya smiles. Ananya comes to Mayank and bend to touch his feet, Mayank says i am not much older than you, be happy always, go Shakti is waiting for you. Ananya sits beside Shakti, Havan starts, Ananya says you seem fine, why you didnt come to meet me in morning? Pundit ask them give hand, Shakti gives it, Pundit ties holy thread. Brothers come there. Pundit starts mantras. Brothers sit in Havan beside shakti, Ananya holds Shakti’s hand for puja, brothers hold Shakti’s hand, Ananya is stunned, they do havan. Pundit asks husband and wife to put flower in havan kund(fire container), brothers hold flower together with Ananya, Ananya is tensed, Bindya asks Ananya why did she stop? Mayank says Ananya is feeling why other brothers are doing puja, Mayank says to Ananya that all brothers do every important work together, dont worry. ananya puts flower in kund with 5brothers. Pundit ask them to take blessing of elders. Ananya alongwith brothers touches Bindya’s feet, Bindya blesses them and says to Ananya that girl binds family together, its our ritual that bride cook some sweet dish for groom on first day of marriage and make him eat with her hand, she asks Soni to take Ananya in kitchen.
Soni brings Ananya in kitchen and says you have to make some sweetdish for your husband and make him eat with your hands, Ananya says i dont know what he likes, soni tells 5dishes, Ananya says shakti likes 5sweetdishes? soni gets tensed and leaves.
All sit to have lunch. Bindya asks Ananya what she has prepared in sweetdish for her husband? Ananya smiles and brings dish, she says soni told me so i have made 5sweetdishes, Shakti says she has prepared my favorite halwa, Adarsh says jalebis for me? all brothers take different dishes, Samar says she have prepared dishes for all, Bindya says to Ananya that my sons divide everything, Ananya says but as per ritual only husband eat it, Bindya says so make Shakti eat first. Bindya says to Ananya that whatever thing comes in this house is divided between 5brothers, now you have to follow this rule too, whatever you make, make for all brothers, keep them united.

PRECAP- Ananya says to Bindya that brother tried to molest me.. Bindya says he is your husband.. he has right on you, you have married 5sons that is Adarsh, Garv, Samar, Amar and Shakti, they are all your husbands, Ananya is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. poor Ananya……but it is giving me feelings that Aadarsh is having gf…

    1. yes i think he has a gf…as he talked to smeone on the phone in the previous epi

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