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Begusarai 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam says i will come to you, Lakhan says i will wait for you at university gate, we will marry tomorrow morning, Poonam finds Priyom hugging Mitlaish, Lakhan says we are marrying tomorrow, Poonam says okay, Lakhan says if you cheat me then i will come in Haveli and will starts firing, you will be responsible for loss, Poonam says i will not cheat you, she ends call, she looks at Priyom sadly, he looks at her and ask what happened, she says nothing, she finds Badi Amma there, she looks down, Badi Amma sys i understand everything, all are thinking that Pinto and Soni are freed by Mitlaish and Priyom but you are real reason behind it, thanks, if you didnt take this decision then Lakhan would have not stop his madness, you have saved whole begusarai, i cant thank you enough, Poonam says this

house and Priyom have given me alot so this time its my turn to give it back, Badi amma sys i pray for your happiness, one more thing nobody should know about this deal else they wont allow you to go and Lakhan will become more mad, Poonam says nobody will know anything, she leaves, Poonam in tears looks at Priyom.
Sangeet preparations are going on in Haveli, an old lady comes there, she takes bucket or flowers and comes in lounge, Piddi stops her, he ask her to put flowers here only, he leaves, lady calls someone. Bindya is also talking on phone and tells someone that Poonam will go to Lakhan tonight, they will marry, once Poonam gets married to Lakhan then nobody will be able to do anything, till then we have to be careful, her room’s door is knocked, she turns around to find old lady there, Bindya says Amma, she closes door and ask why did you come here? i was talking with you only on phone, if anyone sees you here then everything will be ruined, amma says i was missing you, i was worried for you, Bindya hugs her and says you are mad, we have waited 20 years so wait some more time, i have made a huge plan, nobody should see you, Phulan can see you, she covers her face and starts taking her out of Haveli, they find Phulan sitting in lounge, they hide behind pillar, Phulan says to Manjeeta that i dont understand how Lakhan has become so clever, first someone freed him from house arrest then he came in Mehndi function then kidnapped Soni and Pinto, i know him from childhood, his mind is not that sharp, someone else is using mind, think only we knew about fake Poonam but how Lakhan got to know about it? this means someone is betraying from house only, we have to find that person, Bindya and Amma listens this, they stealthily goes from there.

Scene 2
Bindya brings Amma in room, amma says i know this Phulan from 35 years, he can smell venom, he is very sharp, lets leave from here, Bindya says i will not leave easily, you spent whole life to destroy this thakur, i will not leave, i will spit venom before he can smell it, tonight Poonam will go from Begusarai and this Phulan will go from world.
Sangeet ceremony starts, Piddi is checking out girls, Guddi comes and says this is ladies function, i will tell father and you will be beaten up, Piddi sys you want me unmarried whole life, he leaves, Badi Amma ask Guddi to bring Poonam, Guddi and Najma goes to bring her, Choti amma ask Badi Amma what are you thinking? maybe you are tensed about Lakhan, we cant even celebrate easily, dont know when this will end, Badi Amma says tonight only.
Guddi knocks Poonam’s door, she comes in to find Poonam missing. Poonam is in Priyom’s room, she looks at his picture, she recalls how she said yes to Lakhan for marriage, she takes Priyom’s picture, she looks at pictures of whole family, she thinks when i had get separated then why did love happened to me? she wipes her tears, Priyom comes there and smiles, she hides pictures, he ask why your eyes are moist? he says i know you are worried but everything is fine now, forget everything, Poonam says what if anything had happened to Pinto and Soni, Priyom says there is n guarantee of life but we cant stop living, Poonam says but we cant live like this where we have to face death everyday, Priyom ask whats going in your mind? you are hiding something from me.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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