Begusarai 19th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 19th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ananya is in store room, sitting on floor, crying, she says why did brother cheat me and father, i tried to make him understand but he didnt listen to us, dont know what he must have done with father. Shakti comes there, she gets afraid seeing him, Shakti starts going towards her, she slides back floor, she strikes with table and realizes she cant move back, Shakti sits down infront of her, Ananya covers herself with dupatta, Shakti stares her and says lets go, she is tensed, Shakti holds her and pulls her, she says i wont go anywhere with you, i will go back to my father, Shakti pulls her closer and says there is no rule to listen to culprit, if you want to go back home safely then listen to me silently, Ananya says you are hurting me shakti Thakur, leave me, he leaves her, she says i am

telling i dont know anything about Soni and Mayank, i am not lying, trust me, Shakti says i dont trust you and Maa have decided your fate, Ananya asks what decision she has taken? what she is going to do? Shakti pulls her, he drags her in house, she says leave me Shakti, she strikes with vase and gets injured but Shakti doesnt stop. Shakti brings Ananya to Bindya, Bindya says take her, even i cant change her fate now, Ananya looks on tensed. Shakti holds ananya’s hand and takes her from there. Ananya says i know who has made Soni runaway, all look on, Bindya says stop, shakti stops, Ananya comes to Bindya, her foot is hurt, Bindya asks what are you saying? Ananya says not me but you have made your daughter runaway, all are shocked as she points finger at Bindya, Ananya says you never thought about your daughter, you kept thinking about your sons, she was only one sister of five brothers, she would have been apple of eye but you kept her in jail kind of house, did you ask her ever what she needs? you tortured her so much that she was feeling suffocated in this Haveli, Adarsh shouts on her, Ananya says even after all that, you fixed her marriage forcefully, what would have she done? either to kill herself or to runaway so Maa Thakurain, its you have who has forced her to runaway, because of your fake restrictions, she has runaway, she told me that she felt suffocated her, you are responsible for her condition, you act like self-justified Maa Thakurain, first become mother nicely, Maya thinks that what i couldnt say to Bindya in all these years, this girl said it directly to Bindya, Adarsh says how dare you talk to my mother like that? i will kill you right here, he throws her on floor, Bindya says leave her Adarsh, Amar says she said so much to you and you are asking us to remain silent, Bindya says to Ananya that i can kill you right here but you are alive because we can find Soni because of you, we can kill you easily but we will not do it as my rules are not so weak that it will break on someone’s instigating words, i know whats better for my kids, Bindya says Shakti take this girl from here and follow the decision which i have taken for her, Ananya asks what decision is taken for her? Shakti drags her from Haveli, Ananya screams but on one listens to her.

Scene 2
Rai asks Pandey why he didnt file Mishra’s FIR? the country which gave us stars, those shoulders are down today? very sad, he says to Pandey that you are incharge of Begusarai police station, what you said to Mishra? Pandey says i said that wash Bindya’s feet, everything will be fine, Rai says if she is devi? Yadev says i thought that his son runaway with Maa Thakurain’s daughter so he should ask forgiveness from her and we.. Rai says and you will get Maa’s parsad in terms of money too? he slaps Pandey and says your termination letter will be ready, you will stay at home for 3months and you will be patriot too, Pandey says forgive me, Rai says the one who doesnt respect this uniform, i cant forgive that person, Pandey is taken from there, Rai asks Ramakant Mishra to call Bindya Thakur. Mishra calls Bindya and says SP Rai will talk to you, Bindya says you have gone too far, Rai takes call, bindya says how can i serve you, Rai says i have come to serve Ramji thats why trying to prevail justice, Bindya says you will return from here like earlier, Rai says we will see that, Mishra have lodged FIR that you have kidnapped his daughter, you have to come to police station, Bindya says i dont go anywhere, you have to come here, i will go to graveyard from my house only, she ends call, Rai says i will end her game even if i have to send her to graveyard for that.
Shakti has tied Ananya’s hands and taking her somewhere in jeep, he gives her water and asks her to wipe her hand, she is injured, you are girl thats why i have left you, if it was some man who had said those words to my mother then i would have killed that man, Ananya washes her injuries and asks where are you taking me? Shakti says i have no pity on you so keep silent.
SP Rai comes to Bindya’s haveli, Bindya says what can i serve you? should i order colddrink or tea for you? Rai says i will take your Haveli, Bindya looks on.

PRECAP- Ananya is running in jungle, Shakti is finding her. Ananya falls down and shouts, Shakti listens her scream.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hope they fall in love in this jungle track.

    1. no pls…i don’t want shakti-ananya pair they don’t look gud together !

  2. wahi Repeated ghisi piti story…….
    Iss pehle bahut dekh chuke h jugle luv story………..
    As I have already said that I loved that show b’coz of different scene representations like saari wearing, cossumation scenes etc……
    Before leap Other shows used to copy that show like komal fall in love with lakhan same in yeh h mohabbatein nidhi fall in luv with raman . Same in ye vaada rha psycho lover…..
    But now u guys r repeating that common scenes………
    Kya ho gya h show ke makers ko ??????
    & above all other viewers r right vishal is also looking dumb in shakti character realllllllly………………
    U guys r completely wasting vishals talent .Please show story change ker do warna abhi to kam logo ne show choda h aisa na ho april ke end tak sab bore ho jaaye…….
    Bas yahi 2_4 veebha fans will watch the show ………..
    B’coz We cant without vishi (vishal_shivangi together)

  3. Arre yaar plz shivangi no wapas lekar aao…….flop show….

  4. this is the same story…thakur family’s daughter runs on her wedding day with the brother of female lead…y r they repeating the same story ?

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