Begusarai 18th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 18th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mitlaish says Guddi have to abort her child, this ilegal child can get birth here, Choti Amma says Badi Amma will decide it, Mitlaish says i am her brother, i am not her enemy, he ask Guddi to come with him, Guddi says when Daddaji ordered you to kill me then you forgot that you are brother too? i am not going anywhere nor will i abort this child, this is last memory of mine and Dolt’s love, i will definitely give birth to this child even if i have to fight whole world, my child will come in this world, Mitlaish says everything is finished but your ego didnt, he is about to slap her but Bindya holds his hand, he says you dared you stop my hand but do you have guts to raise this ilegal child? Bindya says you havent seen my guts but if you try to force Guddi from now on then i will

do that with you which i couldnt with Daddaji, Mitlaish says if you open your mouth much then i will pull out your tongue, bindya says think before you speak as Bindya is always one step ahead in answering people, after marrying Priyom my position is changed but i didnt change, this is just tralier, if i make you see whole movie then you wont be able see it, telling you with love that only Guddi has right on this child so only mother will decide about her child, Mitlaish says talking to you is like talking to filth, i will talk to Guddi later alone, he leaves, Guddi cries, Bindya leaves.
Poonam stops Bindya, she says whatever you have done for Guddi, i cant thank you enough, now you went against Mitlaish to stand with Guddi, i couldnt have done that, i wanted to say this only, i should leave now, she starts to leave but Bindya stops her and says i am very at your brother’s death, i never had brother but i know the pain of losing someone your own because i have lost everything in life, this world has filled hatred in me thats why i wanted to do bad with everyone in this world, she cries, Poonam tries to console her but Bindya says i dont need sympathy neither i will ever need, you know i came in this house to destroy everything, i wanted Guddi’s truth to come out, i wanted to malign her respect, i wanted people to spit at thakurs but i never wanted a innocent to lose his life in all this, this all happened because of me, i am sorry, she starts leaving but Poonam its not your fault, Bindya says you think like that but truth is that whatever bad happened in this house is because of me only, i mixed bhaang in your food that day, Poonam says i know, bindya says i hided your clothes, Poonam says i know, Bindya says i tied string at stairs so that you would fall but instead Badi Amma fell down, that night i saw going out with Priyom and maligned your name because i wanted Dadda to get angry on you, i wanted you malign your name, i wanted people to hate you because i hated you, whenever i tried to do bad with this family, you stood infront of me, i didnt like you at all, whatevr bad happened with you till now is because of me only and this si truth, bindya is about to leave but Poonam ask will you become my friend? she smiles at Bindya while Bindya is stunned, she ask what? Poonam says will you be my friend? Bindya says i will think about it, Poonam says okay, both starts leaving, Poonam smiles while Bindya is emotional and smiles too.

Scene 2
Priyom comes to Bhushan and talks about tendor, Mitlaish says whom you are asking this? this is now assistant’s work, it is owner’s work, i know i am not heir but are you ashamed of asking me? i have more knowledge about business than him, Priyom says why are you talking like this about him, Bhushan says he is right, he has more knowledge, ask him, he leaves, Priyom says what is this way to talk to elders? Mitlaish says Dadda was elder to you, did you talk nicely with him? i am elder to you too, is this house a welfare society? this Bhushan doesnt do any work and just keep sitting in our house, Lakhan listens all this and is about to hit Mitlaish but Priyom stops him, Lakhan says to Mitlaish that i have no greed for money, Phulan thakur said that we should come in this house for family’s unity thats why we came here as to give respect to words and still i respect him thats why i am not raising my hands else i would have killed person who said ill words about my father, Mitlaish says i can say anything what i want and you have to listen as youa re beggar, i am talking to my family, you shut up, Lakhan says but you were talking about my father, you dont respect your father but i do, Mitlaish says if you point at my and father’s relation then i will not leave, both holds each others collars, Priyom ask them to leave each other, he says you both should ashamed, alot has happened in house and you both are still fighting, Phulan used to say that if we stand together then nobody can stand infront of us and you both are fighting with each other only, Priyom says i am sorry Lakhan on Mitlaish’s behalf, Lakhan leaves, Mitlaish says Dadda was right, you are useless heir, you want me to be goody goody wth Lakhan? Priyom says you wont become little by saying sorry, Mitlaish says dont give me lectures like Phulan, this is way to rule? you have useles people with you, he leaves, Priyom says wish you had learned something from Phulan then you would have been king today.
Priyom comes in his room and starts checking files, Bindya comes out of shower, she is combing her hairs and getting ready, Priyom is mesmerized seeing her, he keep looking at her, Bindya applies Sindoor, servant comes there, Priyom who was lost in bindya gets disturbed and file falls from his hands, Bindya is surprised seeing him confused, servant gives mangoes to Bindya, Bindya starts cutting it, Priyom is confused, Bindya ask if everything is fine? he says yes, Bindya cuts her hand while cutting mango, Priyom gets worried for her and sucks blood from her finger, Jeena mere humdum song plays, Bindya emotionally looks at him in surprise.

PRECAP- Mitlaish says to Priyom that now i will write story, you all start counting your days. Lakhan ask Poonam to come in room, she says i will not go in that room ever, i have no relation with my brother’s killer.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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