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Begusarai 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Adarsh gets call from someone, he says to caller that dont call me at this number, if anyone sees me then i will be gone, he says to caller that no marriage is happening here, you have wrong information, he ends call.
Soni says to Mayank that how can you do this with your sister? you are no different from my brothers, Mayank says you can cry and scream in this room but not outside, he locks her in room and goes from there.
Bindya asks Ananya to put her hand stamp on wall, Ananya does so. Bindya asks Ananya to kick kalash and come in hous,e ananya does so. She puts feet in red water, Bindya asks her to leave her foot mark behind and enter her new life, Ananya imprints her foot marks with red water on floor and starts coming in house with 5brothers behind her, Bindya thinks that

this red color is her new friend, from today i will make you cry blood tears, this is promise of your mother in law.
Ananya, Bindya and family comes in haveli Mandir, Bindya plays shank, Bindya asks Ananya to pray to lord, Ananya smiles at Shakti and says God has already given me everything, i want happiness of this family and want blessing that i become good wife and daughter in law so that i dont disappoint anyone here, Bindya says this family’s expectations are bigger than your height, Ananya says with your blessing i will learn everything, Bindya says then get ready to work hard as its not easy to please Thakur family.
Servant makes milk for 5brothers, other servant says Shakti has marriage night then why 5glasses? servant says its Maa Thakurain’s orders and we can question her.
Bindya says to Ananya that you have to fulfill some rituals before becoming daughter in law of this house, Ananya gets tensed, Bindya says this is just small ritual, you have to find ring in milk bowl, whoever will get ring first use to rule life partner for life, we will play it differently, not only shakti but his 4brothers will play this ritual with you, ananya gets tensed. Brothers put hand in milk bowl, Ananya puts hand in it too, they start finding ring, Samar touches Ananya’s hand, she tries to take her hand out, Bindya stops her and says rituals is not finished so you cant bring your hand out, i know this is difficult game but you have to fulfill ritual, i will help you, she puts ananya’s hand in bowl again and moves it in bowl to find ring, Ananya is tensed, she finds ring, Bindya is stunned, she says its good that you found ring, you made my 5sons lose, we should clap for you, she claps for Ananya, Bindya says this is just start, whole night is remaining, you wont win everytime, she asks servant to take her to room, Ananya looks at Shakti shyly and leaves from there.

Scene 2
Ananya is brought to room, servant says everything is present in room, she closes door and leaves. Ananya looks around in room, it is decorated with roses and candles, Ananya smiles. She looks at bed which has rose petals. She sits and recalls her moments with Shakti, how Shakti confessed his love, how she confessed her love, she lies on bed and waits for Shakti, she finds 5glasses of milk and is stunned. She says why 5glasses of milk? for whom it is?
Brothers come to Bindya, Shakti is injured and is about to fall but brothers support him.. they starts laughing.. Shakti is not injured and was acting all the time, he takes of his plaster, he says to Bindya that you made me wear so much in this hot weather, Mayank is there too. Bindya says Garv’s idea was good, Ananya has taken pheras with my 5brothers, not even God can deny it, Garv says why are we wasting time now? Bindya says dont be desperate, we take care of animal before killing him, she asks Mayank what did you say to Soni that she stopped talking? Mayank says i told her that i will shoot myself, she loves me alot and stopped saying anything, Garv says he has become like us, Mayank says there should be party now. Bindya says you are right, from today we will celebrate Ananya’s destruction.
Ananya sees 5brothers picture on wall, she says brothers remain together all the time.
Brothers are on terrace, Shakti says i never thought that we will marry one girl, Garv says our mother can do anything for your unity, Shakti says you are right. They drink wine and enjoy with Mayank. All brothers dance and party.
Garv is drunk, he recalls Ananya as bride, he says i am drunk so now i should have some enjoyment at night, Adarsh says what are you saying? Garv says didnt you listen Maa’s order, Adarsh says we will go but first have some more wine for me, Garv says okay, brothers start drinking again, Garv says i will come from washroom, he leaves.
Garv is going to Ananya’s room and says 5husbands and one wife? lets see what happens.
Ananya is sitting on bed decorated with roses, she waits for Shakti and says where is he till now? should i call him? Garv opens door, he comes in and is drunk, Ananya is shocked to see him in her room.

PRECAP- Garv tries to come closer to Ananya, she moves back. Bindya says from now on Ananya’s every night will be dark as eclipse.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. What stupid show? Writers we are in which century? Bindya is a woman or devil? How can you people create such character!!! Very disgusting!

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