Begusarai 18th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Begusarai 18th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All are tensed in Haveli, Choti Amma ask Maya to eat something, you didnt even sleep, eat something else you will get ill, Maya says dont know if kids ate something or not, i cant eat, Poonam sees all this and cries. Bindya says to Ghungroo that only 2 hours are left and these thakurs are not leaving Poonam to Lakhan, Ghungroo says what if they catch Lakhan? Bindya grabs him and says if this plan fails then i will cut your tongue, i will make Poonam marry Lakhan as i want Priyom, i want Priyom only then i will be queen of Begusarai.
Rekha comes out of home, Drugha is spying her, he calls Priyom and says Rekha has gone out of home, Priyom informs this to Phulan, Phulan ask about Dolt?
Dolt is in his house, he recalls how Priyom said that he killed Lakhan, Sipahi sees him and starts

acting, he says to other men that Priyom and Lakhan had fight yesterday, Priyom shot him and drowned his body in river, Dolt gets tensed and leaves from there, Spiahi follows him.
In godown, man guarding Pinto and Soni sleeps, Pinto and Soni takes stool, Pinto stand on stool and jumps from window, Soni is about to jump but man catches her, Soni ask Pinto to run, he thinks about her but is about to runaway when Lakhan catches him.

Scene 2
Mitlaish says only 1 hour is left, should we handover Poonam to him? he ask Maya what you want? i can bring kids back by giving Poonam to him, let me go please, Maya says no my decision will not change, Mitlaish says hell with your decision, if anything happen to our kids then we wont be able to leave, i am not killing Poonam, handing her to man who wants to marry her, i dont know why you are so stubborn, he leaves angrily, Maya cries, Guddi supports her.
Rekha comes in market to buy grocery, Drugha who is following her calls Priyom and informs him that she is shopping for ration. Mitlaish says to Phulan and Priyom that 45mins are left and you all know what Lakhan can do.
Dolt comes to godown, Sipahi is following him. dolt comes in and hugs Lakhan seeing him alive, Lakhan ask what happened? Sipahi calls Priyom and tells him address of godown, come here fast, Priyom says we are coming there, Mitlaish says i will go to this time, i cant let anything go wrong this time, they all leave.
Mitlaish, Priyom alongwith men reaches godown, they come in godown, they find Pinto and Soni there, kids hug Mitlaish, Mitlaish ask how are you? you are my lions, i will punish the one who made stay here, Mitlaish points gun at Lakhan’s men, Priyom ask him to not do anything infront of kids, take them home, i will deal with him, Mitlaish ask how you born in our house? you have saved him so now take some clue from him, he leaves with Soni and Pinto. Priyom points gun at Lakhan’s man and ask about Lakhan? he says Lakhan and Dolt ranaway, Priyom says why did Lakhan left kids here? he could have taken kids too with him, is it his plan? Sipahi says he must have got afraid by us all so ranaway in hurry.

Scene 3
In Haveli, Maya hugs Pinto and Soni, all are happy, Phulan ask about Lakhan? Mitlaish says we will catch him, Piddi ask how you got clue about Pinto and Soni? Phulan says Priyom tricked dolt. Lakhan calls Poonam and says what you said i did, dolt came here and i ranaway before Priyom came here, i hope kids have come back home, Poonam says yes, they are home, thanks, Lakhan says no need as its deal, i fulfilled my promise and now you fulfill your promise, flashback shows Poonam calling Lakhan, Lakhan asking to not request anything, Poonam says i have called to do deal, Lakhan ask what you have? you are puppet of thakurs, Poonam what you did, even puppet cried over that, Lakhan says i dont understand emotional drama, Poonam ask him to leave kids and i am ready to come to you, i am ready to marry you, Lakhan says this must be new trick of Priyom, Poonam says he doesnt even know about it, Lakhan says i can trust you, i can free kids but.. Poonam says no need to doubt, i will come to you, flashback ends, Poonam says to Lakhan that i will fulfill my promise, i will stealthily leave my sangeet function and come to you, Lakhan says i will meet you at university gate, we will leave begusarai and will marry tomorrow morning.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wats wrong wid ponam yr plssssss lakhn se sadi mat krooooooo.priyom se krooooo.n lakhn k lie new. Gals.priyom plssssss kch krooooo

  2. Thx for d updates.
    Pls update precap also and faster
    Thank you

  3. Precap- Priyom stares Poonam who is standing in the balcony.
    A new entrance of an old lady is show. She comes and stares the haveli. She enters Bindhya’s bedroom and Bindhya gets shocked.

  4. Yesterday’s episode please please

  5. lakhan sirf poonam ki hi manta hai kitna chahta hai use.poonam to lakhan ki hi honi chahiye.

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